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The Division of Business under the School of Professional Studies offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in Accounting and Business Administration.  The division also offers the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences degree with a major in Technical Management and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree.

For a detailed look at the course requirements and descriptions for these degrees, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.


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Garret Lahr
Instructor of Business
Interim Chair, Division of Business
Northwestern - Alva
Jesse Dunn 201-A
Phone: (580) 327-8510

Room 112
(580) 213-3183

Mission Statement:

The Division of Business provides a quality, student-oriented learning environment to prepare students to be adept, ethical, fiscally responsible business professionals and leaders, not only in the workplace but also in their communities, contributing to the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our world.


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Student Spotlight
Callie Campbell, Alva, OK, Senior

From my time at NWOSU, I have learned what it takes to become a stand out individual in a competitive workforce. The Love’s Entrepreneur Cup competition showed me that entrepreneurship is a mix of creativity, education, research, confidence, a leap of faith, and resilience.  I am confident and have improved my abilities and conduct myself professionally.  The Love’s Cup was intense, but also a very rewarding experience. ~ Callie Campbell

Crystal Keeler, Alva, OK, Freshman

Being a freshman this year, the faculty and staff in the Division of Business have really welcomed me into their family and made me feel right at home. I have learned a lot in class but participating in the Love’s Entrepreneurship Cup puts everything into perspective and helps me to use and understand everything that I have learned in a classroom. ~ Crystal Keeler 

Callie Campbell and Crystal Keeler


Degrees Offered

The Business Administration program at NWOSU is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of business. This program provides background training in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, and management information systems. Through study in these areas, students will gain the thorough background desired in the business industry.

It takes 45 hours in general education credit hours, 46 hours in Foundation and Business Core credit hours, 21 credit hours in any business minor, plus nine (9) hours of general electives totaling 121 credit hours to get a Business Administration degree.

The Accounting program at NWOSU is designed to provide students with the requisite skills to be competitive for entry-level accounting positions and the background needed for growth into upper-level accounting positions.

It takes 45 hours in general education credit hours, 46 hours in Foundation and Business Core credit hours and 30 credit hours in upper level accounting courses totaling 121 credit hours to get an Accounting major/minor degree.

A business degree is a major/minor degree program. All students must declare a major plus one of the five minor programs. The minor programs are as follows:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • General Business

Both Business Administration and Accounting programs are designed to prepare students to successfully enter the workforce or to continue their education in graduate or professional schools. See the Undergraduate Catalog for more information on these degree options.

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) with a major in Technical Management is designed for students who have already earned an Associate of Applied Arts, an Associate of Applied Science degree from a community college, or students who have achieved certain national certifications. The associate degree classes or the certification will count for 10-30 credit hours. 

Students have to complete 124 credit hours including 40-42 hours of general education coursework, 10-30 hours of career specialty (associate coursework or certification) and 41 hours of Technical Management Core coursework. 

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is a degree completion program for non-traditional students. The program is a joint effort of nine Oklahoma universities coordinated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. To be eligible for this degree program a student must: 

 1. Be at least 21 years of age; 
 2. Have completed at least 72 hours of college credit; 
 3. Have a minimum of 2.0 graduation/retention GPA in past college course work; 
 4. Have completed general education requirements as defined by the home institution admitting the student. A provisional admission status may be used for students who do not yet meet this requirement; 
 5. Satisfy all institutional requirements for completion of remedial coursework.

Students take some courses from their “home” campus and other courses are taught by one member of the consortium open to students regardless of home institution. Classes are taught in eight-week sessions with five sessions offered each year. 

See the Undergraduate Catalog for more details regarding either of these non-traditional programs.

Admission to the Major

Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Accounting or Business Administration. Students majoring in Business Administration may minor in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, General Business, Management or Marketing. Accounting students complete a major-minor in Accounting.


In order to properly prepare students to be successful in their Business education and careers, the Business curriculum is divided into four categories: General Education, Foundation Core, Business Core and Major/Minor Requirements. (See Section X of the Undergraduate Catalog for details.) Students should apply to the major only after they have meet the General Education and Foundation Core requirements. Students who do not meet the division admission requirements may repeat course work until they meet the requirement.


Students who are planning to graduate under the 2009-2010 or earlier undergraduate catalog are grandfathered into the program and do not have to complete the Admission to the Major form. By submitting this form, the sender acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the Business Program Admission and Graduation Requirements (See Section X of the Undergraduate Catalog for details) and has read, understands and agrees to abide by the Business Student Code of Ethics. (A link to an Acknowledgement form is located on this page. Students must sign and return this form.)


All information must be provided. Students who are planning to graduate under the 2009-2010 or earlier undergraduate catalog are grandfathered into the program and do not have to complete this form. By submitting this form, the sender acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the Business Programs Admission and Graduation Requirements above. The student also has read, understands and agrees to abide by the Business Student Code of Ethics. (A link to an Acknowledgement form is located on this page. Students must sign and return this form.)


The certificate program is designed to allow students the opportunity to achieve additional credentials while pursuing their bachelor’s degree. In addition, individuals who have their bachelor’s degree may obtain a specialty certificate to enhance their career goals.

NOTE: The Certificate in Accounting is designed to help students reach their goal of sitting for the CPA exam if they were not an accounting baccalaureate major. 

CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS Students must complete all certificate requirements as listed under certificate program options. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all requirements are met satisfactorily. Advisors, department chairs and administration are available to assist students.

Certificates include the following:

Accounting (for non-accounting majors seeking to qualify to sit for the Oklahoma CPA exam)

Accounting (for business majors)

Business (for Business majors)

Entrepreneurial Studies (for business and non business majors)

Human Resources Management

Management (for Business majors)

Marketing (for Business majors)

Personal Finance Planning

For more information, see the Undergraduate Catalog, Section XII Certificates.

Course Rotations


Course Rotations

Departmental Program Highlights

  • Business infoNationally accredited - Fewer than 1 in 4 business programs worldwide hold this accreditation
  • 100% of full-time accounting faculty hold CPA credentials
  • Most full-time faculty are engaged in personal business ventures such as: farming, ranching, manufacturing, accounting services, and more
  • Business internships available in management, marketing, accounting and general business
  • Learn from, and network with, successful regional business owners at the annual Entrepreneur Seminar
  • Opportunities to participate in competition events, such as the Love’s Cup, and the Oklahoma Statewide Student Ethics Challenge


Division of Business Scholarship Qualifications

The Division of Business will award scholarships to extraordinary students for the upcoming academic year. The Division of Business will assess each applicant’s worthiness based on the information presented on the application form.

General Candidate Qualifications

1. Student must enroll in 12 hours at NWOSU each semester.

2. Student must have completed 12 hours at NWOSU within the last semester.

3. Student must have a GPA of 2.5 or above and must be in good standing with the Scholarship office.

4. Fill out the Division of Business Scholarship Application with transcript attached before March 1.

Completed applications submitted before March 1 will receive full consideration.

All incoming freshmen or transfers are encouraged to fill out their respective scholarship forms: Freshman Scholarship or Transfer Scholarship along with the Application for Admission to the University. The incoming freshman deadline is May 15, while the transfer student deadline is July 15.

Current students have until March 15 for academic scholarships using the Continuing Student Scholarship Application.

For more information, please visit Scholarships

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Program Student Learning Outcomes

SLOs for the Division of Business (All programs):

  1. Graduating students should have basic knowledge of the 12 disciplines of the ACBSP Undergraduate Common Professional Component.
  2. Graduating students should have well-developed communication skills.
  3. Graduating students are expected to think critically.
  4. Graduating students are expected to possess knowledge of leadership principles and demonstrate teamwork skills. 
  5. Graduating students should have the ability to utilize an ethical decision-making process.
  6. Graduating students should be able to demonstrate the necessary skill to identify, conceptualize, diagnose, evaluate, and analyze business problems.

Accounting SLOs:

  1. Graduating students should have appropriate accounting software skills.
  2. Graduating students should know the accounting standards (i.e. GAAP, IFRS, and GASB).
  3. Graduating students should recognize ethical conduct in Accounting.
  4. Graduating students should have the skills and knowledge to prepare and interpret financial statements and documents.

Business Administration SLOs:

  1. Graduating students will demonstrate elevated knowledge in the disciplines associated with their minor.
  2. Graduating students should have appropriate software skills.
  3. Graduating students should recognize ethical conduct in Business.

Organizational Leadership SLOs:

  1. Graduating students should be able to integrate prior work experience with complementary knowledge of business principles gained in an academic environment.
  2. Graduating students should recognize ethical conduct in Business.
  3. Graduating students are should possess advanced knowledge of leadership and organization principles. 

Technical Management SLOs:

  1. Graduating students should have added complementary knowledge of business principles to the skills gained from their career specialty.
  2. Graduating students should recognize ethical conduct in Business.

Assessment/ Public Disclosures

FACTBOOK        Degrees Granted: page 16

                  Retention: page 30







ACBSP QUALITY ASSURANCE REPORT 2020 (Update on Business Unit Performance Results) – February, 2020



AY15-16 PEREGRINE - SP16: Bachelor'sSubjectScores

AY16-17 PEREGRINE - F16: Bachelor'sSubjectScores

AY16-17 PEREGRINE - SP17: Bachelor'sSubjectScores

AY15-16 EBI: EBI Assessment

AY16-17 EBI: EBI Assessment



Full-Time Faculty 2017-2018:

Academically Qualified: 9

Professionally Qualified: 1

Adjunct Faculty 2017-2018: 

Academically Qualified: 11 

Professionally Qualified: 5

Youth Business & Entrepreneur Scholars Program

Northwest Oklahoma Youth Business and Entrepreneur Scholars Program

Mission Statement
The Summer Youth Business and Entrepreneurship Scholars Program strives to ignite and engage the minds of high performing youth through the study of business and entrepreneurial principles so that they may become change agents and contributors for economic development in their communities.

When and Where: Summer 2019 (3‐day camp) Proposed Dates: June 24th‐26th from 9:00‐3:30 on the NWOSU campus‐Woodward, OK.

Who: The Program is open to high‐achieving rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students with a “B” average or higher.

What: Ten select students will receive business training and exposure to higher education on the campus of NWOSU in Woodward, along with a full scholarship to cover the cost of attendance plus materials. Required application materials include: (1) 2019 Application; (2) Transcript; (3) Personal Statement; and (4) Letter of Recommendation (from guidance counselor or teacher). Application deadline is April 15th. Click for online application.

Program: This program includes lectures, corporate visits, business plan development and a case competition with the goal of preparing the next generation of business leaders. A panel of judges from the business community will evaluate the business case presented by teams of students and a prize will be awarded to the winning team. The academy includes:

  • Facilities and Meals Students will participate in a fully immersed collegiate experience on the campus of NWOSU in Woodward including lunch each day.
  • Lectures taught by NWOSU professors and local business leaders. Topics include introductory business courses in accounting, marketing, finance (financial literacy), entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics.
  • Corporate visits to help students gain exposure to a range of businesses and industries, as well as the application of business principles in the real world as they interact with local corporate executives during on‐site visits.
  • Business plan development and team competition to allow participants to demonstrate their learning by developing and presenting a business plan to a panel of local executives.

For more information, contact Ms. Jana Walker, program director, at (580) 254-2530 or by email at

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