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Online Business Programs

Online Majors Available 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - major in Accounting or Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) - major in Technical Management (including the Alternative Energy option)

Students will be able to complete all of the classes offered by the Division of Business to earn their degree. In completing these classes, the student will not be required to be physically present on a NWOSU campus. 

Regular NWOSU admissions policies apply to the online major programs.  Likewise, the regular Division of Business admission policies for Accounting and Business Administration majors apply. To see this information, see the "Admission to the Major" tab on the Business homepage.

Students in an online major program must take UNIV 1010 Online Program Orientation their first semester as an online program major.  This is a brief, non-credit orientation for students. It is designed to address the basics of being an online student. There is a one-time, non-refundable online program fee assessed when students register for UNIV 1010. The fee is owed even if the student withdraws from UNIV 1010 or the university before the class begins or during the semester.

Students who have completed their general education requirements prior to entering the online major program should be able to finish the requirements of the online major in five to six full-time semesters. 

Most of the classes are in an online asynchronous format to allow students to work on the courses on their schedule. MGMT 4433 Business Policy is an exception. Business Policy is to be taken during the student's last semester before graduation. The class is offered in a synchronous, distance format that allows the online student to take the class from his/her computer. However, the student will be required to remotely attend class at the scheduled time.

Classes follow the traditional semester schedule. Most class during regular semesters (fall or spring) will run 16 weeks. However, there are a few online classes offered during regular semesters using an eight-week format. In the summer session most classes will use an eight-week format. However, there may be some classes that only last four weeks.

The university has developed a policy for test proctoring in online classes. The university policy provides that at least one major test per online class must be conducted in a proctored environment that is: (1) on a NWOSU campus; (2) at the University Center in Ponca City; (3) at a commercial testing facility; (4) at a testing center on an accredited community college or university campus; and (5) military educational center or (6) via Remote Proctor Now. Any fees associated with proctoring are the responsibility of the student. The policy gives the professor flexibility in requiring more than one major test to be proctored under these conditions.

Students should be aware that each professor has his/her policy regarding proctored tests. The individual professor's policy will be explained in the course syllabus. If the professor requires proctored tests, it is the student's responsibility to find an appropriate proctor. Any fees associated with proctoring the test are the responsibility of the student.

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