Living on Campus

Living On Campus

It's Your Home Away from Home!

One of the best parts about going to college at Northwestern is living on-campus and being around others with similar interests, as well as those with varied life experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a returning senior, the convenience of living so close to your classes, the cafeteria, the snack bar, the library, the wellness center – everywhere – can’t be matched.  Also, we’re one of the safest and most affordable campuses in the state.

Living on campus also will help bridge the gap between living at home with your parents and living on your own for the first time – all without having to worry about cooking for yourself. The experiences of living “on your own” will give you important life skills needed for adulthood.

By living on campus, you’ll be more active in campus clubs and student events because you’ll know what’s happening around you every day. Studies show that you also may make better grades and have a better chance at graduating – not to mention that you could possibly meet some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

Join us in University Housing and make it your Home Away from Home!


Residence Hall Handbook

Undergraduate Student Costs


Housing and Residence Life
(580) 327-8418
Ryerson Hall 131

Move-In Day

Fall semester Move-In Day for all residence halls is the Thursday prior to the first day of classes beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Please go to the front desk of the assigned residence hall to start your check-in process. There will be a Resident Assistant to assist you.

Filling Out Our Forms

Several of the forms on this page are fillable PDFs, so you may need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You also may need to save the PDF to your hard drive first, fill it out, save it and attach it to an email to send to

If you are using your smartphone to fill out these fillable PDFs, you will need an App for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Moving Out?

Residents should reach out to their head resident to arrange a checkout time for a walkthrough of their room and to return their key.
Failure to checkout may result in additional charges on the resident's account.

Apply for Student Housing

If you’re planning to live in University Housing, you’ll need to fill out and submit the information below. Applications will not be considered complete, and room assignments will not be made until the following steps are completed:

1. Room and Board Application & Meningitis Form 

This application covers the 9-month academic year (August-May)

Everyone living in University Housing must fill out this form and choose a meal plan. This form also contains the Meningococcal Waiver and other information about Meningitis. This document also must be completed and returned with the Housing form; however, it requires a written signature. 

2. Payment of Housing Deposit:

We offer several ways for new residents to pay their housing deposit:

Check, Cashier Check, and Money Orders can be mailed along with your application to the Housing Office, 709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717.

Debit or Credit card payments can be taken over the phone by calling the Business Office at (580) 327-8534
Dorm deposits and application fees are the only items you can pay for by phone or in person with a credit card at the Business Office.

Cash and all of the above forms of payment are accepted in person at our Business Office located in Herod Hall, 709 Oklahoma Blvd. Alva, OK 73717.

If a new resident student has not paid their deposit prior to moving in and the Business Office is closed, the student may pay their Head Resident with a check, cashier check, or money order written to Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Housing staff cannot accept cash or card payments. Payment arrangements can be made with prior authorization with the Director of Housing (580) 327-8148 

These forms are fillable PDFs. You may need to save the PDF first, fill it out, save it and attach it to an email. If you are using your smartphone to fill out these fillable PDFs, you will need an App for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

After signing the Meningococcal Waiver, both forms may be scanned and emailed to You can also fax the forms to (580) 327-8413 or mail them to NWOSU, Attn:  Housing Office, 709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717 

Once your application and deposit are received a member of the Housing Office will reach out to you with your housing assignment once it is assigned. Fall applicants should receive notice in June/July and Spring Applicants should receive notice in November/December.

Room & Meal Plan Costs

All housing residents are required to have a meal plan. You can use your meal plan in the Student Center Snack Bar/Ranger Market or Coronado Café. Payment will come by having your current student ID scanned.

Use the breakdown found in Paying for College to choose what type of room and meal plan you are interested in. For your total room and board cost, add the room cost and board cost together.  

Summer Housing Contract

Complete this form if you are planning to stay in University Housing over the summer.

A $200.00 deposit is required if one has not already been paid (see above for information on ways to pay).

This is a fillable PDF. You may need to save the PDF first, fill it out, save it and attach it to an email to send to


Sibling/Family Housing Agreement Waiver

Complete this form each year when you and at least one sibling attending Northwestern are living in University Housing. This scholarship waives the cost of a semi-private room for one student’s bill. Both siblings will need to live on campus.

Freshman Exemption Residency Requirement

Complete this form if you are a freshman and want to request living off-campus. 

Continuing or Terminating Housing Contract

Complete this form if you wish to continue or terminate your housing contract to the fall semester.


These forms are fillable PDFs. You may need to save the PDF first, fill it out, save it and attach it to an email to send to

Room Assignments

Housing personnel will consider all applications for housing with great care to pair students who are thought to be most compatible as roommates. They also consider which residence hall will be better suited for each student to create strong and well-balanced communities. This process allows students to live within an environment of wide-ranging personalities, interests, and cultures.

All first-time freshmen must live in university housing to fulfill the Freshman Residency Requirement or must apply for an exemption. Generally, freshmen also will have a roommate.

All housing contracts are for the full 9-month academic year (August-May). If you need to request to change rooms, roommates, suite, or your residence hall you may request to do so through your Head Resident. Your Head Resident or the Housing Office will consider the requests for changes in room assignments and notify you if the change has been granted.


All first-time freshmen, attending the Alva campus, are required to live in university housing for two academic semesters (only fall and spring semesters apply). Freshmen who want to request to live off-campus must complete the Freshman Residency Exemption Form for approval/denial. Freshmen who fail to complete the freshman residency exemption process, or who are denied the exemption, will be charged for university housing for two academic semesters. Freshmen who are removed from housing for any disciplinary reason may be charged for two academic semesters.

This policy is in place to help increase your involvement while on campus and to ensure your personal and academic success.

Northwestern's research consistently shows that freshmen residing on campus have higher GPAs than freshmen living off-campus. This research is consistent with the national research on freshman GPAs and retention rates.

You can apply for an exemption to this policy if you:

  • Are married or a single parent with children

  • Are a first-time freshman who is at least 21 years of age

  • Will be living with a parent or legal guardian

    • A parent or legal guardian will need to schedule a meeting with the Director of Students/Housing
      by calling 580-327-8418

  • Are you a transfer student with more than 24 credit hours earned?

    • Concurrent hours taken during high school do not apply

  • Are taking less than nine credit hours

If you would like to appeal the residency requirement you will need to fill out the Freshman Exemption Request Form and provide relevant documentation to support your request. Exemption forms in print also can be obtained by contacting the Director of Students/Housing at (580) 327-8418.  

Housing & Residence Life Staff

Matt Adair
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Recruitment
Director of Housing
(580) 327-8418
Ryerson Hall 131

Mim Anthony
Administrative Assistant
(580) 327-8146
Ryerson Hall 131


Brandon Wilson
Ament Hall

Coronado Hall

Fryer Hall

South Hall
Kaylea Brown

Work for Student Housing

Dorm Crew:
Dorm Crew members are responsible for maintenance around the residence halls and housing office. Responsibilities include: assembling beds, moving furniture, replacing ceiling tiles, painting, and other duties as assigned. The dorm crew reports to the Director of Housing and all four head residents. Dorm Crew members can work up to 15 hours a week.

If you are interested in working at Northwestern as a member of the Dorm Crew, please fill out this application and return it to Ryerson Hall 131 or email it to

Resident Assistant:
Resident Assistant responsibilities are numerous as the RA is the focal point for the day-to-day operation of his/her floor.  The RA is at one time: student, community developer, mentor, leader, referral agent, business manager, peer, friend, and disciplinarian.  The diversity of roles and responsibilities is challenging and calls on the RA to develop organizational and interpersonal skills.  The position of RA provides an opportunity to maximize self-development, maturity, and confidence during the college years. 

If you are interested in working at Northwestern as a resident assistant (RA) in any of the student housing options, please apply using the Resident Assistant Application form and submit it to your Head Resident.


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