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Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences

The School comprises seven departments: CommunicationEnglish, Foreign Language and HumanitiesFine ArtsMath and Computer ScienceNatural ScienceSocial Sciences; and Social Work. This school also houses the minor program Library and Information Sciences.

The departments within the School offer a total of 15 majors and 20 minors at the undergraduate level and a Master of Arts in American Studies at the graduate level. Students with specialized interests may select from among a number of options within the majors and minors, and Teacher Education candidates may fulfill the subject-area requirements for secondary certification within five of the disciplines. The Social Work program is nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  

The School of Arts and Sciences also plays an integral role in providing Northwestern’s General Education program, the heart of any liberal arts education. As part of their general education experience, students take courses from most or all of the departments within the school. In this way the School directly supports the University’s General Education mission of providing a foundation for all degree programs and offering opportunities for students to develop competencies in critical thinking, leadership, and literacy.


Contact Information

Steve MaierDr. Steven Maier
Dean of Faculty
Ryerson Hall 211
Northwestern - Alva
(580) 327-8590

Angelia CaseAngelia Case, BA, MEd
Academic Projects Assistant/Media Specialist
Ryerson Hall 211
Northwestern - Alva
(580) 327-8577

Department Chair Contacts

Tamara BrownCommunication Chair
Tamara Brown

Assistant Professor of Speech
Vinson Hall 110
(580) 327-8429

Roxie JamesEnglish, Foreign Language & Humanities Chair
Dr. Roxie James

Associate Professor of English
Vinson Hall 210
Northwestern - Alva
(580) 327-8474

Kimberly WeastFine Arts Chair
Kimberly Weast, MFA

Professor of Theatre Arts
Ryerson Hall 330
(580) 327-8462

Tim MaharryMathematics & Computer Science Chair
Dr. Tim Maharry

Professor of Mathematics 
Shockley Hall 214
(580) 327-8583

Jenny SattlerNatural Science Chair
Dr. Jennifer Sattler
Associate Professor of Physics
Science Building 201-A
(580) 327-8568

Eric SchmaltzSocial Sciences Chair
Dr. Eric Schmaltz

Professor of History
Jesse Dunn 311
(580) 327-8526

Kylene RehderSocial Work Chair
Dr. Kylene Rehder, LCSW

Social Work Program Director and CWPEP Coordinator
Jesse Dunn 308
(580) 327-8135

Shannon LeaperDirector of Library Services
Shannon Leaper

Assistant Professor
J.W. Martin Library, Alva Campus
(580) 327-8570

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