Paying for College (Blooming Redbud)

Paying For College

Annual Undergraduate Cost Estimates
For Tuition, Fees, Room and Board (based on 30 hours undergraduate tuition), Books/supplies/other expenses not included




  • includes $7,462.50 of tuition and mandatory fees
  • You might qualify for scholarships that could lower your cost



  • includes $8,812.50 of tuition and mandatory fees
  • Price shows NWOSU GO OK! applied
  • Check for scholarships



  • includes $9,012.50 of tuition and mandatory fees
  • Price shows NWOSU GO OK! applied

More than 50% of students who start their freshman year at NWOSU
and graduate from NWOSU have zero student debt.

Annual Graduate Cost Estimates


Master's Degree
18 Hours (9 Hours/Semester)

  • Oklahoma residents
    $5,566.50 on-campus
    $6,646.50 online

  • Out-of-State​ residents
    $10,570.50 on-campus
    -- with GO OK! Waiver applied -- $6,376.50
    $11,650.50 online
    -- with GO OK! Waiver applied -- $7,456.50

Doctor of Nursing Practice

  • $10,751 for Oklahoma residents

  • $17,355 for out-of-state

  • The numbers above are calculated based on 26 credit hours, the one-time online assessment of $300 and the Residency Fee of $350 

* Master's degree students - Ask about the NWOSU GO OK! non-resident tuition waiver. *
* Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA to keep the GO OK Waiver. *


Paying for college can be stressful - that's why Northwestern has tried its best to keep costs low for students. Low costs, paired with the region's best scholarship, financial aid and enrollment incentive programs, will help you to better afford a quality education at Northwestern.

The links provided above list costs separately for all students including Undergraduates, Graduates, International Students and Online Classes.

Room and board costs are the same for all students Living on Campus. Those costs may be found on the Undergraduate Student Costs page.

Browse through these pages to get an idea of what your costs may be and how you can get help to pay those costs through possible scholarships and financial aid. We've also provided a link to use a Net Price Calculator to receive an estimate of how much students similar to you paid to attend Northwestern.

Visit our Registry Office and Bursar/Business Office pages to learn more about the services those offices provide, along with the Financial Aid FAQs page to see answers to a few questions you may have.


Non-Oklahoma residents may be eligible for the NWOSU GO OK! Tuition waiver program. Each semester the Registrar's office will determine if out-of-state residents meet the requirements for this waiver.

Criteria to meet the requirements for this waiver are as follows:


  • All newly admitted students (first-time freshmen and first-time transfers) receive the NWOSU GO OK! Tuition waiver.


  • Students beginning their fall semester after initial admittance to Northwestern
  • Have a retention/graduation GPA of 2.00.


  • Make formal application to the Graduate Program AND meet unconditional admission (refer to the Graduate Catalog for details).
  • Have a retention/graduation GPA of 3.00

(The tuition waiver program does not apply to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program.)

Alva Incentive Program

First-time freshmen and transfer students attending Northwestern-Alva on a full-time basis who establish a residence in the city may be eligible for additional financial assistance through a unique to Northwestern incentive program. Administered through the Financial Aid Office, this incentive program provides assistance for tuition, university housing and other school-related expenses. To qualify for this scholarship money, you’ll need to live within the Alva city limits. 


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