Your username is your first initial, middle initial, and last name followed by the last two digits of your student ID number (This number is not your SSN). So, if your name is John B. Doe and your student ID is 0012345, your username will be jbdoe45 (all lower case - no spaces).

Your password will be your student ID number (do not include the dash). This is not your SSN but rather your NWOSU student ID number. This number is 7 digits.  If you received a 5 digit number, you will add two zeroes to the beginning of that number.  You will need to change your password when you login to Blackboard to protect the security of your account. To do this, select Personal Information from the menu and then select Change Password.

Please review the Online Testing Tips below before attempting an exam on Blackboard.  


We recommend that you use a Stable Channel Release of Chrome.  You could also use Internet Explorer 9 or newer, or a Stable Channel Release of Firefox. We do not recommend using the Safari browser with Blackboard.



If you need help with Blackboard, email or call (580) 327-8181.

Helpdesk hours are as follows:

Monday -  Friday
8:00 a.m. - midnight

email monitored

5:00 p.m. - midnight

If you need help accessing your email, please read the step-by-step instructions.  If you need assistance with your email, contact Dalton Moser at or (580) 327-8611.



Online Testing Tips


1. Make sure your browser is compatible with Blackboard.  The following browsers are compatible with Blackboard and we strongly recommend that your use one of these:

Internet Explorer 9 or newer
Google Chrome (Stable Channel Release)
Firefox (Extended Support Release)
Safari 6 (MAC Only)

2. Consider cleaning up your browser before you begin.

Turn off toolbars such as Google, Delicious, and "Yahoo!"
Make Blackboard a trusted site in your Internet Browser.
Turn off popup blockers, or allow popups from
Clear your browser's cache and delete temporary internet files.

3. Use a hard-wired internet connection if at all possible.  Remember that online testing is completely different from regular web browsing.  Your computer must remain connected to our server for the entire duration of your exam, and even the smallest disconnect (that you may never even notice otherwise) will cause your exam to terminate.  Wireless connections can drop offline. Satellite internet will almost certainly drop your connection, even if the wind is not blowing.  Any device that creates internet from a cell phone signal will almost certainly result in a lost connection.  Find a computer with a reliable internet connection to take your exams.

4. NEVER DOUBLE CLICK.  Double-clicking either Save Answer, Next Question, or Submit buttons may cause an error.

5. NEVER USE YOUR BROWSER'S BACK BUTTON.  Use only buttons provided in the exam window to navigate the exam.  Using the browser's buttons could cause the exam to terminate. 

6. NEVER USE THE BACKSPACE KEY.  If your cursor is outside of a text box area, the backspace key will cause an exam to terminate.  It is advisable to use the delete key if you need to delete text while taking an exam.

7. If you have technical difficulty, contact your instructor and the helpdesk immediately.

Remote Proctor Information and Access


Your instructor may give you the option of using the Remote Proctor Now system to take an online exam.  Remote Proctor Now records the visual, audio and desktop aspects of your exam environment.  Please take some time to review the information on this webpage prior to using the Remote Proctor Now system.  You do not need an account to take an exam via Remote Proctor.


•   You will need a web camera, microphone, and a sufficient internet connection (specifically, upload speed) to take exams using the Remote Proctor Now system.  Note that dial-up internet will not be sufficient.  While download speeds associated with satellite internet service providers are usually sufficient, upload speeds may not be.  The use of satellite internet to take online exams is discouraged.  We recommend that you use a hard-wired internet connection, if possible.

•   You will need a PC running Windows Vista or higher (make sure to install any Windows updates), or a MAC running OSX 10.8 or higher.

•   Flash player is required, and can be installed from (You can uncheck to install Google Chrome, it is not required.)

•   Dual monitors are not supported.  You must unplug the additional monitor to use the Remote Proctor Now system.

To run a quick system check, go to This will ensure connectivity to your camera/microphone and an internet connection with sufficient upload speed.


The cost for using Remote Proctor Now is $15 per exam.  You will be prompted to pay by credit card prior to taking your exam.

Guides and Walkthroughs

Remote Proctor Exam Taker Quick Guide

Video Tutorial for PC Users

Video Tutorial for MAC Users

Exam Policy

Please take time to review the full exam policy before taking your Remote Proctored exam.  Note that your instructor may make exceptions to, or otherwise modify, the exam policy.

•   You will be required to establish your identity, following the procedures outlined in the Remote Proctor Instructions.

•   You will be required to have a quiet, secure, fully lighted room for the examination. 

•   No other people are allowed in the room with you.

•   You must sit at a clean desk or table (not on a bed or a sofa).

•   No talking or communicating with others by any means.

•   No leaving the room, even if you take your computer with you.  Your exam must be completed in the same room that your "Exam Environment View" was completed in.  It should be noted that walking out of the view of the camera at any point during the exam process is considered a rules violation.

•   Nothing except your computer and your camera and microphone may be on the desktop or tabletop.  No books, papers, notebooks, or other materials unless specifically permitted by your instructor in the written guidelines.

•   You are not allowed to use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, calculators, textbooks, notes, pen and paper, or websites other than the testing website unless specifically permitted by your instructor in the written guidelines.

•   The camera must remain focused on the exam taker with a constant, uninterrupted and unobstructed view at all times.

•   There must not be any writing on the desk or walls.

•   No music playing.

•   No other computers running in the exam room.

•   No headphones or ear buds.

In general, you are encouraged to treat your personal exam space as if it were an on-campus exam location.


Remote Proctor Now has their own helpdesk for support of their product and services.  If you have difficulty at any time using the Remote Proctor system, call their helpdesk toll free at (855) 436-2039.  Remote Proctor Now support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Note - this number is for students only.  Faculty should use the email address provided to you for support.

Access Remote Proctor and Take Your Exam

When you are ready to take your Remote Proctored exam, click here to go to the Remote Proctor Now site and begin your exam.

Remote Proctor Now Information for Faculty

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