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What is it really like to attend Northwestern? Ask us! We have been where you are now – looking for a college home where you can: 

  • find quality academic programs allowing you to earn a great education without breaking the bank   

  • feel safe on campus and in the community 

  • find others with similar interests to help you feel like you “fit in”

  • interact with faculty, staff, administration and community members who care about you like you are one of the family

We can answer your questions because many of us are Northwestern alumni, or we’ve been around the University long enough to know what it means to Be A Ranger.

We want to help you with your academic goals no matter whether you’re an incoming freshman, a transfer student, an International student, looking for online or graduate school options or if you’d like to get a head start on your college career as a junior or senior in high school as a concurrent student.  

Contact us at with your questions, and we can't wait to see you when we’re out on the road visiting your school or attending a College Fair in your area.

Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you on campus, so go ahead and schedule that campus visit or look in at our virtual campus tour!



Meet Our Staff

Matt Adair
Matt Adair
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Recruitment

Ryerson Hall 117
(580) 327-8418 

Tylar Thompson

Tylar Thompson
Admissions Counselor/Recruiter
Ryerson Hall 117
(580) 327-8544

Hadley Skaggs
Hadley Skaggs
Admissions Counselor/Recruiter
Ryerson Hall 117
(580) 327-8545

George Rutherford
Admissions Counselor/Recruiter
Ryerson Hall 117
(580) 327-8543

Angelina Marlow
Admissions Counselor/Recruiter

Ryerson Hall 117
(580) 327-8446

Austin Rankin
Recruitment Secretary

Ryerson Hall 117
(580) 327-8546

Ethan Sacket
Ethan Sacket
Transfer Recruiter

Ryerson Hall 142
(580) 327-8606
(580) 327-8413 - Fax

 Natalie Nichols  
 Natalie Nichols
International Student Advisor

Ryerson Hall 126
(580) 327-8414
(580) 327-8413 (FAX)

Northwestern Highlights

When we visit you at your high school or recruitment event, we all share our own personal Northwestern experiences as students here, but a few of the other highlights we want to make sure you know about include:

  • Great Financial Aid and Scholarship program available

  • How you can get a big bang for your buck with the affordability/low costs of Northwestern

  • Personable and friendly/welcoming characteristics of our faculty, staff and administration who want to see you succeed

  • Getting involved on campus and making friends will make you want to stay at Northwestern

  • Teachers will know you by name – even years after you were in their class

  • Quality of our degree programs and examples of alumni excelling in their fields

  • What our student life is like so these activities can help you grow outside the classroom while having fun – athletic events, music and theatre events, campus club activities and just what it’s like to live on campus

  • We want to know what you are passionate about-what you want to do, and how you can achieve it at Northwestern 

New Ranger Events

To help you learn more about life at Northwestern and to ease into college life here, you do not want to miss these events:

Events for Incoming Freshmen

Ranger Preview
Freshman Connection
Freshman Orientation
Camp Ranger

Events for Transfers

Spring Showcase
Transfer Orientation


Campus Safety

Campus Safety is of high importance to Northwestern, so when we learned that ranked the university among the safest public and private colleges in Oklahoma for 2016, we were pleased.

The Campus Police office is centrally located in the Student Center within easy walking distance to or from any location on campus. The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and an officer always is available and on-call.

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