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Sponsored Programs (Grants)

Office of Sponsored Programs (Grants)

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) promotes and facilitates scholarly activity at Northwestern Oklahoma State University by supporting and administering activities related to grant funded programs.


The primary mission of this office is to provide support to the Northwestern Oklahoma State University community in the acquisition and administration of externally funded projects for research, teaching and service.  The Office of Sponsored Programs strives to ensure the responsible stewardship of research funding and oversees the submission of proposals and the negotiation and acceptance of awards with an atmosphere of professionalism and collaboration.

The Offices of Sponsored Programs uses the Northwestern Strategic Plan as a model to ensure grant projects are aligned with the directions and objectives of the University. 


The major area of responsibility of this office is assisting the Principal Investigator (PI), author(s) of grant, in the preparation and submission of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreement proposals.  All grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements representing University obligations must be authorized through the Office of Sponsored Programs. In that regard, any NWOSU faculty or staff member requesting project funds from external sources must submit a Proposal Planning Sheet to the Office of Sponsored Programs before requesting such funds. Funding opportunities, which can be found on this website, are regularly provided to the University community. The Office of Sponsored Programs acts as a liaison between the granting agencies and the University, and reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. OSP also coordinates with the NWOSU Foundation on non-governmental grants.

The Office of Sponsored Programs supports the mission of Northwestern Oklahoma State University as our vision recognizes a community of learners that includes students, teachers, staff, administrators, and area citizens advancing learning excellence and preparing its members for service as leaders and entrepreneurs in the changing climate of northwest Oklahoma and the world.    

Grants Oversight Committee

In an effort to support research and grant writing projects, Northwestern Oklahoma State University provides a Grants Oversight Committee to ensure activities, programs and contracts are aligned with the Northwestern mission.

Committee Members 2023-2024

  • Dr. Bo Hannaford, President
  • Dr. David Pecha, Executive Vice President
  • Dr. James Bell, Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Steven Maier, Dean of Faculty
  • Dr. Wayne McMillin, Dean, Enid Campus
  • Dr. Jonathan Thomason, Dean, Woodward Campus
  • Mr. Allen (Skeeter) Bird, CEO, NWOSU Foundation
  • Ms. Tandy Keenan, Director of Sponsored Programs

Purpose of the Committee

  • Promotes faculty research efforts, faculty professional development, and student programs
  • Evaluates proposals from faculty members requesting grant funds, faculty professional development activities or student activities and programs insuring adherence to the university vision

The Grants Oversight Committee will review the Proposal Planning Sheets as well as final copies of grants before submission to the designated funding agency.

Questions? Contact Tandy Keenan at TRKeenan@NWOSU.edu or 580-327-8110.

Incentives for Principal Investigator

Faculty and Staff Incentive Program                             Reviewed 3-25-2024

This program began during the 2007-2008 school year as an incentive for faculty to pursue grant funding.

For every grant prepared properly through the Office of Sponsored Programs and approved by the Grants Oversight Committee, the Principal Investigator will receive $100-$150 upon submission of the grant. In addition, for every funded proposal, the Principal Investigator will receive an added $150-$350. 

Approved 8-4-21

Grant Amount

Grant Writing Stipend Amount

Grant Awarded Stipend Amount

Total Available









$50,000 +





In order to receive the stipend, the Principal Investigator (PI), the person writing the proposal, must complete a Proposal Planning Sheet (PPS) and send it to the OSP. Once approved by the OSP, the PPS will then go to the Grants Oversight Committee to make sure the grant aligns with the University’s Strategic Plan. Once the PPS has been approved, the OSP will notify the PI that he or she may proceed with grant submission. The OSP is available to provide assistance if needed.

Once submission has been verified, the OSP will initiate payment for preparing and submitting the proposal or payment can be held until grant awards notifications are received. 

If a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator contribute equally to the project, they are both eligible for the writing and award stipends as long as both are listed on the Proposal Planning Sheet and it is approved by the Grants Oversight Committee.

There is no minimum amount required on the grant but stipend payments are limited to grants from federal and state agencies, foundations, and local funding sources or individuals where a proposal is submitted. Requests to the City of Alva Tourism Tax Fund do not qualify for the stipend program.

If the award is granted, the OSP will be notified by the PI and initiate payment  to the PI and Co-PI, if applicable. The OSP will also notify the Executive Vice President and the President of the award.

NOTE: If a Proposal Planning Sheet is not completed and processed by the OSP before the Principal Investigator applies for a grant or if the grant award notice (GAN) is not submitted to the OSP within thirty (30) days of receipt as listed on the award notice, the PI (and Co-PI, if applicable) is not eligible for the stipends.

If you have questions, please contact Tandy Keenan, Director of Sponsored Programs, at 580-327-8110 or TRKeenan@NWOSU.edu           


Awarded Grants

Please inquire with the Office of Sponsored Programs director

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Under construction. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for IACUC information. IACUC Policies and Procedures are being reviewed and revised in 2024. 

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