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Sponsored Programs (Grants)

Office of Sponsored Programs (Grants)

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) promotes and facilitates scholarly activity at Northwestern Oklahoma State University by supporting and administering activities related to grant funded programs.


The primary mission of this office is to provide support to the Northwestern Oklahoma State University community in the acquisition and administration of externally funded projects for research, teaching and service.  The Office of Sponsored Programs strives to ensure the responsible stewardship of research funding and oversees the submission of proposals and the negotiation and acceptance of awards with an atmosphere of professionalism and collaboration.

The Offices of Sponsored Programs uses the Northwestern Strategic Plan as a model to ensure grant projects are aligned with the directions and objectives of the University. 


The major area of responsibility of this office is assisting the Principal Investigator (PI), author(s) of grant, in the preparation and submission of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreement proposals.  All grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements representing University obligations must be authorized through the Office of Sponsored Programs. In that regard, any NWOSU faculty or staff member requesting project funds from external sources must submit a Proposal Planning Sheet to the Office of Sponsored Programs before requesting such funds. Funding opportunities, which can be found on this website, are regularly provided to the University community. The Office of Sponsored Programs acts as a liaison between the granting agencies and the University, and reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. OSP also coordinates with the NWOSU Foundation on non-governmental grants.

The Office of Sponsored Programs supports the mission of Northwestern Oklahoma State University as our vision recognizes a community of learners that includes students, teachers, staff, administrators, and area citizens advancing learning excellence and preparing its members for service as leaders and entrepreneurs in the changing climate of northwest Oklahoma and the world. 

Contact Information

Director: Tandy Keenan
Vinson Hall 311
(580) 327-8110

Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Proposal Planning Sheet (Word Doc)

NWOSU Strategic Plan

NWOSU Fact Book

NWOSU Current Audit

Office of Sponsored Programs Annual Report


Grants Oversight Committee

In an effort to support research and grant writing projects, Northwestern Oklahoma State University provides a Grants Oversight Committee to ensure activities, programs and contracts are aligned with the Northwestern mission.

Committee Members 2020-2021

  • Dr. Janet Cunningham, President
  • Dr. Bo Hannaford, Executive Vice President
  • Dr. David Pecha, Vice President for Administration
  • Dr. James Bell, Associate Vice President for Academics & Dean of Faculty
  • Dr. Wayne McMillin, Dean, Enid Campus
  • Dr. Jonathan Thomason, Dean, Woodward Campus
  • Mr. Allen (Skeeter) Bird, CEO, NWOSU Foundation
  • Ms. Tandy Keenan, Director of Sponsored Programs

Purpose of the Committee

  • Promotes faculty research efforts, faculty professional development, and student programs
  • Evaluates proposals from faculty members requesting grant funds, faculty professional development activities or student activities and programs insuring adherence to the university vision

The Grants Oversight Committee will review the Proposal Planning Sheets as well as final copies of grants before submission to the designated funding agency.

Questions? Contact Tandy Keenan at TRKeenan@NWOSU.edu or 580-327-8110.

Incentives for Principal Investigator

Faculty Incentive Program

This program began during the 2007-2008 school year as an incentive for faculty to pursue grant funding.

For every grant prepared properly through the Office of Sponsored Programs and approved by the Grants Oversight Committee, the Principal Investigator will receive $100 upon submission of the grant. In addition, for every funded proposal, the Principal Investigator will receive an added $150.

In order to receive the stipend, the Principal Investigator (PI), the person writing the proposal, must submit a Proposal Planning Sheet (PPS) to the OSP. Once approved by the OSP, the PPS will then go to the Grants Oversight Committee to make sure the grant aligns with the University’s Strategic Plan. Once the PPS has been approved, the OSP will notify the PI that he or she may proceed with grant submission. The OSP is available to provide assistance if needed.

Once submission has been verified, the OSP will initiate payment of $100 for preparing and submitting the proposal.

If a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator contribute equally to the project, they are both eligible for the $100 writing and $150 award stipends as long as both are listed on the Proposal Planning Sheet and it is approved by the Grants Oversight Committee.

There is no minimum amount required on the grant but stipend payments are limited to grants from federal and state agencies, foundations, and local funding sources or individuals where a proposal is submitted. Requests to the City of Alva Tourism Tax Fund do not qualify for the stipend program.

If the award is granted, the OSP will be notified and initiate payment of the $150 stipend to the PI and Co-PI, if applicable. The OSP will also notify the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Administration of the award.

NOTE: If a Proposal Planning Sheet is not completed and processed by the OSP before the Principal Investigator applies for a grant or if the grant award notice (GAN) is not submitted to the OSP within thirty (30) days of receipt as listed on the award notice, the PI (and Co-PI, if applicable) is not eligible for the stipends.

If you have questions, please contact Tandy Keenan, Director of Sponsored Programs, at 580-327-8110 or TRKeenan@NWOSU.edu           

Reviewed 2020

Awarded Grants

Grant Descriptions

Note: Multi-year grant awards may only list current fiscal year funding.

Bill Johnson Correctional Center (BJCC) – $406,000

NWOSU currently contracts with the Bill Johnson Correctional Center and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to provide drug and alcohol treatment to inmates. Full-time treatment counselors as well as student interns provide treatment. The director of the contract is Mr. Jeff McAlpin, Instructor of Sociology/Criminal Justice.

Northwest Oklahoma Concert Series – $3,000

Grant from the Oklahoma Arts Council to the Northwest Oklahoma Concert Series brings musicians and musical events to Northwestern Oklahoma communities. Ms. Lawana Newell, Instructor of Music, is the director of this grant.       

Distribution and Quality Iodine – $11,860

This grant, sponsored by OCAST (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology), funds an internship between Iofina and NWOSU creating an opportunity for an NWOSU student to gain hands-on experience in the field. The intern sponsored by this grant builds a database that maps out the distribution and quantity of iodine and other constituents in various brine water aquifers in northwest Oklahoma. Dr. Jason Wickham, Associate Professor of Chemistry, serves as the director of this project.

Entrepreneur Seminar - $1,500

This grant from the Koch Foundation funds a business seminar held on the Enid campus inviting several speakers throughout a two-day period. The seminar is offered for college credit and is also free to the public. Dr. Wayne McMillin, Dean of the Woodward Campus, is the director of this grant.

Heartland BEST Robotics – $30,000 ($10,000 annually)

This grant from the Charles Morton Share Trust is designed to enhance opportunities for Heartland BEST, a national robotic competition. Heartland BEST is hosted on the campus of NWOSU and sends the winning teams to a regional competition. The grant is divided in-house to fund $10,000 annually for 2019,2020, and 2021. Dr. Tim Maharry, Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, oversees the grant.

LS-OKAMP-STEM- $10,000

(The Oklahoma Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation)

A grant in cooperation with Oklahoma State University and the National Science Foundation to encourage participation of minority students in the areas of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Dr. Tim Maharry, Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, is the grant coordinator.

NWOSU Rodeo Team – $15,000

The funds for this grant are provided by the City of Alva Tourism Committee. The funding supports the annual rodeo at Northwestern, allowing for high quality stock for contestants to compete with, bringing in a specialty act, providing better awards to champions and bringing in the best personnel possible to work the rodeo. Mr. Stockton Graves, Head Rodeo Coach, coordinates this project.

State Opioid Response for Higher Education-Total award $33,000

This grant provides funding to reduce opioid abuse and provides training to recognize the symptoms of someone who has overdosed. Taylor Wilson, director of counseling and career services oversees this grant.  

Single Parent Support Network-$5,000

This grant provides support services to single parent students via a coordinator and resources on the Alva, Enid, and Woodward campuses. Tandy Keenan, director of sponsored programs, oversees this grant. 

Student Support Services (SSS) - $261,888

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this program provides support, resources, and information necessary for success, with the hopes of reaching student graduation. The program aims to employ a holistic program that facilitates and customizes services that address the academic and non-academic needs of participants throughout each level of their college experience. The participants eligible for this grant are first generation, low income and students with disabilities. Dr. Dennis Angle is the director of this grant.

TRIO-Upward Bound Classic (2017-2022) -$287,537

From the U.S. Department of Education, this grant increases the academic and motivational levels of eligible enrollees so that such persons may complete secondary school and successfully pursue post-secondary educational programs. Five high schools in three northwest Oklahoma counties are targeted. The grant award is for five years and will total over $1,250,000. Ms. Jaunita Noble is director of the grant.

TRIO-Upward Bound Math & Science (2017-2022) – $287,537

This grant, from the U.S. Department of Education, increases the academic and motivational levels of eligible enrollees with aptitudes in math and/or science so that such persons may complete secondary school and successfully pursue post-secondary educational programs. Five high schools in three northwest Oklahoma counties are targeted. The grant award is for five years and totals over $1,300,000. Ms. Jaunita Noble is director of the grant.

USDA DLT (United States Department of Agriculture Distance Learning & Telemedicine)- Total grant award $231,983

This grant provides equipment and technical support for distance learning and if applicable, telemedicine technology for rural areas. If this grant is awarded, it will expand distance learning opportunities for college and high school students, Oklahoma Department of Corrections inmates, and professional development opportunities for a cross section of university and public school educators as well as to one rural hospital. Dr. Bo Hannaford is the primary investigator on this project.

CW PEP (Child Welfare Professional Enhancement Program)-$33,347

The CW PEP grant is funded by a multi-agency partnership to enhance and support Oklahoma’s public child welfare workforce. It offers students financial support for college in exchange for a specified employment position in child welfare. Dr. Kylene Rehder, Associate Professor of Social Work and Chair, Department of Social Work, is the director on this grant.

Early Settlement Alternative Dispute-$32,650

The ESAD program is funded by the (Oklahoma) Administration Office of the Courts via a contract with NWOSU and is housed on the Enid campus. Dr. Gary Maxey serves as the director.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Under construction. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for IACUC information.

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