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Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

About the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, a department of the Office of the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, promotes rigorous evaluation in the pursuit of institutional excellence. The office supports, coordinates, and advances efforts to demonstrate that the University is fulfilling its academic mission and enhancing learning excellence within the community of learners. 

Our Mission

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness will advance learning excellence through information, evaluation, and recommendations while striving for improvement through communication and collaboration.

Our Philosophy

Assessment assists in achieving excellence by asking: Who are we? Are we who we say we are? How do we know? How can we improve? Are the improvements working? Assessment activities increase the dialog about excellence throughout the campus community.

Assessment is the systematic and ongoing process of collecting, analyzing and acting on data and information and is an essential component in achieving the university's mission and supporting goals and outcomes. Assessment is oriented towards measuring results and using these results to aid in decision-making enhancement. Assessment is not an isolated event, but rather a communication loop affording continuous quality improvement of programs, departments, and courses.

The goal of institutional effectiveness is to integrate planning, evaluation, and budgeting processes into a comprehensive program that not only encompasses teaching and learning but also the array of administrative and support services which sustain the core of activities of the University.

Contact Information:

Director: Brooke Fuller
(580) 327-8150
Vinson Hall, Room 313
709 Oklahoma Boulevard
Alva, OK  73717

NWOSU Assessment Policy

NWOSU Strategic Plan 2016-21 Defining Our Future

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HLC's Open Pathways to Accreditation


NWOSU Self-Study 2014

Course Evaluations - Special Forms

Special Request Form for Faculty

Please complete this form if you have a special request for your course evaluations. 

Tenured Faculty Exemptions

Please complete this form is your are a tenured faculty member who wishes to be exempt from all or certain course evaluations.

Annual Reports

Annual Report of Student Assessment Activity

Assessment Committee Members

Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Ms. Brooke Taylor, Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
Ms. Mindi Clark, Instructor of Agriculture
Ms. Leslie Collins, Assistant Chair, Department of Nursing
Dr. Kay Decker, Professor and Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Dr. Bo Hannaford, Dean, School of Professional Studies
Ms. Susan Jeffries, Director of Libraries
Dr. Mike Knedler, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Sheri Lahr, Registrar
Dr. Wayne McMillin, Dean, Enid Campus
Dr. Beverly Warden, Professor and Chair, Department of Education

Student Representative - Paige Little

Assessment Day Committee (not standing)

Ms. Brooke Taylor–Chairperson
Ms. Debbie Anderson - Set up/ Tear down
Mr. Leroy Burks - Campus Police
Ms. Kaylyn Hansen - Prizes
Ms. Markangela Kinnett- Facilities
Dr. Nancy Knous - Surveys
Dr. Steve Maier - Workshops
Dr. Francisco Martinez - Registration
Dr. Chandler Mead - Lunch
Ms. Kristin Mravinec- Woodward
Ms. Joanne Prewett - Mid-Level Exams
Ms. Candace Reim - Enid
Mr. Steve Valencia – Publicity

Student Representative - Kaitlyn O’Toole

Assessment Day

Northwestern will no longer cancel classes on Assessment Day due to the capabilities to complete all assessments and gather data either online or within courses.

Below is a brief summary of how we will proceed in the future with what once were our Assessment Day activities:

  • The Noel Levitz student satisfaction inventory we began using in 2013 will be administered online every third year. Our next administration will be online in 2016.
  • The ETS Proficiency Profile will be administered over the course of 2 days rather than 2 time periods so students have a larger window to complete it. In 2015, the dates will be April 7th and 8th.
  • We will not hold any workshops this year, but may look at the effectiveness of resuming these in the future.
  • Education interviews will be scheduled within the interviewing committees over the course of a few days.
  • ACAT and other exit exams will be scheduled by department.
  • Prizes will still be utilized as a means of incentive for students to complete the online surveys.

 If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Fuller at bmfuller@nwosu.edu

Assessment Calendar

Recurring Assessments









Graduating Seniors (Biology, English, Psychology)






Alumni Survey

Alumni-year denotes graduation year






ETS Proficiency Profile (Mid-Level)

40-75 Credit Hours





Faculty Satisfaction

All Faculty






Graduate Survey

Graduate Students






Noel Levitz (Student Satisfaction)

All Students






NSSE (Student Engagement)

1st year/Seniors






Ranger Connection Survey

First-Time Freshman






Staff Satisfaction

All Staff






Assessment Newsletters

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