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Title III / LASSO Project

Enhancing Student Success, Engagement and Purpose-Driven Education

What does LASSO stand for?

  • Leadership, Academic Success, Superior Outcomes

What is our Mission?

The mission of the Northwestern Oklahoma State Title III/LASSO Project is to provide support services to First-Time, Full-Time and continuing students promoting student engagement and academic success while providing guidance to cope with experiences and challenges encountered during the collegiate journey. The Title III/LASSO Project aims at improving student retention, graduation rates, and overall student success.


Lisa Franz
Title III/LASSO Project Director
Ryerson Hall 142
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
(580) 327-8131

Miranda Ealey
LASSO Center Learning Coach
Ryerson Hall 145
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
(580) 327-8130

Julie Lehr
LASSO Center Learning Coach
Ryerson Hall 145
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
(580) 327-8132

Taylor Phillips
LASSO Center Career Coach
Ryerson Hall 145
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
(580) 327-8133

LASSO Student Resource Center
Ryerson Hall 145
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Who Do We Serve?

The Title III/LASSO Project serves first-time, full-time students, as well as, continuing students who are seeking support and guidance to help overcome academic and nonacademic concerns. Through the LASSO Student Resource Center, participants will receive personalized coaching and advising, along with enhanced career counseling.

What Services Do We Provide?

The Title III/LASSO Project exists to help the students we serve in a variety of ways: provide educational support, assist with choosing a major and provide dedicated career counseling, help with academic advisement, monitor your progress and assist when you are having academic issues, and overall support and encouragement when obstacles seem to be keeping you from your educational goals. We know that trying to incorporate college life into your daily routine can definitely present challenges. The Title III/LASSO Project’s holistic approach is designed to provide students with the tools to make informed decisions, cope and rise above challenges and stay on-track leading to the goal of retention, degree completion and graduation!

How Our Learning Coaches Can Help

LASSO Center Learning Coaches will be assigned to help you with:

  • Academic advisement and the course registration/enrollment process.

  • The development and implementation of education plans of action and making sure you are on-track to graduate.

  • Academic progress and connecting with the appropriate support services necessary to help you be successful.

  • Goal-setting, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  • Student engagement through Ranger Connection classes and helping you connect with individuals and groups throughout the campus community.

  • Guidance and support in overcoming academic and nonacademic challenges.

How Our Career Coach Can Help

LASSO Center Career Coach will provide assistance to help you:

  • Explore career and degree options, especially if you are “undecided” on a major, through the use of My Majors and Focus 2 Career resources, as well as, Ranger Connection class discussions and presentations.

  • Connect with the appropriate on and off campus support to help you make informed decisions when considering a degree and career opportunities.

  • Build a strong link between your educational and career goals by developing and implementing plans of action and evaluating the process to make sure you are staying on-track to achieve your goals.

  • Persevere by providing guidance, support and motivation to assure you are heading in the right direction towards graduation and your career path.

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