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Dr. Tim Maharry
Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Professor of Mathematics
Shockley Hall 214
Northwestern - Alva
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Math Club


The Math and Computer Science Department has a number of scholarships below for which you may apply. A few scholarships are shared with the Department of Natural Science and are on a rotation basis.

To complete the application process:

For more information, please visit Scholarships.


Each applicant will be considered for the scholarships listed below. Please note that some scholarhips are on rotation with other departments. Applications will be forwarded as appropriate.

Bohlen Scholarship:  Dr. David Bohlen was honored upon his retirement by the establishment of a scholarship for students majoring in health Science related field. The applicant must be a full-time continuing student majoring in any of these areas Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Dental, Pre-PT/OT, Pre-Physician's Assistant, Pre-Pharmacy, Nursing or Chemistry and have at least a 3.5 CGPA based on a 4.0 scale.

Bouchard Scholarship:  Dr. J. Louis Bouchard was honored by the establishment of a scholarship in his name to an outstanding upper division science student with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

Brown Scholarship:  This scholarship is in honor of Dr. Kenneth H. Brown established by friends and former students. Dr. Brown has been a member of the Alva community for over 30 years and is a former chemistry professor. This scholarship is to be awarded to a full time continuing student seeking a degree in the area of chemistry. First preference will be for chemistry majors, second preference for chemistry minors; with a minimum 3.0 cumulative CGPA.

Cameron Scholarship:  John Cameron, a former physics instructor, has been honored with a scholarship in his name. It is to be awarded to mathematics and pre-engineering students with a minimum grade point average of 2.50.

Claflin Scholarship:  The applicant must be a continuing junior or senior and be majoring in a pre-medicine field. The recipient must have at least a 3.5 CGPA based on a 4.0 scale. Special consideration will be given to an applicant from Grant County.

Crain Scholarship:  Awarded to a continuing Northwestern student majoring in a preparatory field for an advanced degree in medicine. Second preference will be given to any health-related field. The recipient must have a GPA of 3.50.

Fellers Scholarship:  This endowment was established in 2010 by Kenneth and Sue (Hildreth) Fellers. The scholarship unites the couple's passions to provide financial assistance to a student from northwest Oklahoma pursuing a degree in math, physical science, or biological science and music in alternating years. Kenneth is a 1963 graduate, and Sue graduated from Northwestern in 1964.

Fisher Scholarship:  Dr. Anna B. Fisher was honored upon her retirement by the establishment of a scholarship to be awarded to an upper division, woman biology major with a grade point minimum of 3.50.

Foster Scholarship:  The M.D. Foster Memorial Scholarship has been established in memory and honor of Dr. Myra Foster and her love and medical treatment of animals. The award is presented to a continuing NWOSU female student majoring in Pre-Vet with at least 3.00 CPA based on a 4.0 scale. A continuing female student majoring in science and active in leadership and campus activities will be given consideration in the event a Pre-Vet major is not available.

LaChance Scholarship:  Claude LaChance scholarship has been established by Dr. Jerome Reichenberger to provide financial assistance to students majoring in science or chemistry. Continuing students as well as incoming freshman are eligible.

McNally Scholarship:  Vernon McNally scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance to students of health related fields enrolled as full time upper division students on the Alva campus with a minimum cGPA of 3.0

Melton Scholarship:  Joe W. Melton was honored by the establishment of a scholarship in his name. The award is presented to outstanding chemistry students with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

Meyer Scholarship: This endowment was established in 2001 in honor of Roland and Edith Meyer and their commitment to Northwestern and her students. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to Northwestern students majoring in math education.

Myers Scholarship:  Dr. L. A. Myers was honored with a scholarship designated for students of the health related fields enrolled as upper division students with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

Parker Scholarship:  The applicant must be a continuing student majoring in a Math or Science related field with at least a 3.0 CGPA based on a 4.0 scale.  On rotation between departments.

Stephenson Scholarship:  The Dr. J. F. Stephenson Scholarship Award has been established to provide incentive and encouragement for the pursuit of further learning on the pre-professional level in the field of medicine. The recipient must have a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

Wardell Scholarship:  Mr. Hugh Wardell was honored by faculty and friends with a scholarship for Science and/or Computer Science students.  On rotation between departments.

Della Yerian / Wilson Scholarship:  Established in 2000 in honor of Madalyne Wilson, a 1950 graduate, and her mother, Della Yerian, who attended Northwestern in the late 1890s, the purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student within the service area of Northwestern. A single mother majoring in science or math will be given preference.  On rotation between departments.

Careers for Degree

What Can I Do with a Mathematics Degree?

  • Accountant
  • Demographer
  • Production Manager
  • Actuary Econometrician
  • Economist Production
  • Support Specialist
  • Aerospace Engineer EDP Auditor
  • Psychometrician
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Public Health Statistician
  • Applications Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Purchasing/Contract Agent
  • Applied Science Technologist
  • Engineering Lab Technician
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Environmental Technologist
  • Rate Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Estate Planner
  • Research Analyst
  • Astronomer
  • External Auditor
  • Risk & Insurance Specialist
  • Banking/Credit/Investment
  • Mgr. Financial
  • Auditor Risk Analyst
  • Biometrician/Biostatistician
  • Financial Consultant
  • Robotics Programmer
  • Commodity Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Satellite Communications Specialist
  • Compensation/Benefits Admin.
  • Hydro Geologist
  • Software Development Specialist
  • Computer Consultant
  • Hydrologist
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Information Scientist
  • Software Support Specialist
  • Computer Facilities Mgr.
  • Inventory Control
  • Specialist Statistician
  • Computer Installation
  • Investment Banker
  • Systems Analyst
  • Computer Marketing/Sales Rep.
  • ISO 2000 Specialist
  • Systems Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Market Research
  • Analyst Systems Programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Mathematician
  • Teacher: Math/Computers
  • Computer-Aided Design Tech.
  • Media Buyer Technical
  • Support Representative
  • Consumer Loan/Credit Officer
  • Meteorologist
  • Technical Writer
  • Contract Administrator
  • Mortgage Researcher
  • Transportation Planner
  • Cost Estimator/Analyst
  • Network Programmer
  • Treasury Management Specialist
  • Cryptographer/Cryptologist
  • Numerical Analyst
  • Underwriter
  • Data Control Administrator
  • Operations Research
  • Analyst Urban Planner
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Physicist
  • Value Engineer
  • Database Manager
  • Pollution Meteorologist
  • Weight Analyst

Math & Science Academy

Announcing the 2017 Summer Math & Science Academy

Sponsored by Northwestern Oklahoma State University thru the Beisel, Fellers, and Fisher Endowments

Fridays, 9 - 11 a.m.

June 2, 9, 16, & 23

Student Center & Science Bldg,  NWOSU-Alva campus 

What is the Math & Science Academy? 

  • Elementary students who have completed grades 2 - 5 will engage in hands-on math and science activities with NWOSU faculty.  The activities will be fun and engaging and designed to help build math & science skills.   The program is FREE  and is co-sponsored by the NWOSU Math & Science Departments and through the Beisel, Fellers, and Fisher endowments.  The Math & Science Academy is organized by Northwestern faculty members Dr. Tim Maharry, Dr. Sheila Brintnall, Mr. Keenan Meeker, Dr. Aaron Place,  Dr. Jenny Sattler,  Dr. Mary Riegel,, and Dr. Steven Maier.

How do I apply?

  • Any student who has completed grades 2 - 5 is eligible to apply.   The first 50 applicants who have completed grades 2 - 5 by June 1 will be accepted.   The registration deadline is May 30, 2017.   The registration form should be sent to Dr. Sheila Brintnall, NWOSU Math Dept.,  709 Oklahoma Blvd,  Alva, OK 73717.  (MathScience Academy Registration Form)

For more information contact Dr. Sheila Brintnall @ 580-327-8582 or skbrintnall@nwosu.edu  

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcome 1:
Students will apply the process of mathematical problem solving utilizing a variety of techniques.

Student Learning Outcome 2:
Students will construct and evaluate mathematical arguments and develop an appreciation for mathematical rigor and inquiry.

Student Learning Outcome 3:
Students will analyze relationships among quantities including functions, ways of representing mathematical relationships, and the analysis of change

Student Learning Outcome 4:
Students will utilize spatial visualization and geometric modeling to explore and analyze geometric shapes, structures, and their properties.

Student Learning Outcome 5:
Students will develop a conceptual understanding of limit, continuity, differentiation, and integration as well as a thorough background in techniques and application of calculus.

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