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Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is located on the west side of campus in the Industrial Education, Room 113. The Academic Success Center provides students with a place to study and learn in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We have computers, study tables, and testing facilities. We welcome study groups as well as individual students.

We offer peer tutoring in writing, math, business, the sciences, and we can assist in locating help for other courses as well. Our mission is to provide reliable test administration in a secure and comfortable testing environment.  The following tests are given through the Academic Success Center. For more information call the Director at (580) 327-8149. 


  • Academic Assistance and Tutoring

  • Testing and Appointments

    • Accuplacer Placement Test: The Accuplacer Test is used to determine readiness for college level courses in English, Reading, Mathematics and Science.  Tests are given through Recruitment (580-327-8546) or the Academic Success Center.

    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP): Northwestern offers CLEP tests in a number of subjects for students to acquire college credit. The Academic Success Center has brochures and information from CLEP about these tests.

    • On-Campus ACT: The On-Campus ACT is offered as an alternative to the National ACT for those students committed to coming to Northwestern.  The Academic Success Center has information about the test, and the On-Campus ACT test is scheduled through the ASC at (580) 327-8149. There also is a registration form on the web page.

    • Miller Analogies Test (MAT): The Miller Analogies Test is required for admission into graduate programs at Northwestern and many other graduate institutions.  The Academic Success Center has brochures and study guides for the MAT.

    • Language Testing International (LTI): LTI offers an oral proficiency test that can be used to satisfy the language proficiency requirement at Northwestern. Contact the Academic Success Center for information and procedures.

    • Other Tests: The Academic Success Center can proctor tests for students taking classes through other institutions under certain conditions.  Contact the Academic Success Center for information and procedures.

Matthew Cherry's Office Hours (PDF)

Matthew Cherry

Matthew Cherry
(580) 327-8149


Front Desk: (580) 327-8138

Fall and Spring Semester hours:
Mon - Wed:          8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Thurs:                   8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Fri:                        8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  

Testing Information


Success in College

As a student, you have the basic responsibility for your own success: our responsibility is to assist you in reaching your educational goals.

Set goals and evaluate them

Ask: "Why am I here?  What do I want to do? Where do I see myself in four years?  What are my long-term goals?"

  • Have a clear understanding of where you are
  • Make a reasonable plan involving realistic goals
  • Develop a realistic time frame for reaching your goals

Know what it takes to be successful

Be consistent in your college activities:

  • Attend class regularly
  • Complete all assignments by the due date
  • Participate fully in class
  • Schedule regular study time outside of class
  • Use college survival skills information
  • Participate in college life outside of class
  • Request help when needed

Know where to find help

  • Your instructor
  • Your advisor
  • Academic Success Center
  • Peer tutors
  • Class study groups
  • Counseling office


Tutoring in the Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center offers peer tutoring during our normal hours of operation.

Tutoring in Alva

Peer tutors are scheduled at regular times to help with course work.  Tutoring is both walk-in and by appointment.  Stop by the the Center in IE113 or call 580-327-8138.


Distance Tutoring

Distance tutoring is provided by the peer tutors in the Academic Success Center during their regularly scheduled hours for students who cannot come to the Center in person.  Distance tutoring is available by request. 

We recommend:

  • Leave sufficient lead time. We do not have tutors in all subject areas at all times, so you may have to wait to meet with somone. We can handle most requests within 24 hours, usually sooner.
  • Bring all your books and assignments with you.
  • Be as specific as you can about what you want to work on with the tutor.
  • Plan to spend about 30 minutes. Some sessions are shorter, some longer, but it's best to leave sufficient time so that you and the tutor do not feel rushed.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to consult a tutor. You may want to make changes in your work after a tutoring session, so it's best to leave time to do so.

  Tutors will:

     •  Suggest ways to study
     •  Help with assignments
     •  Consult on writing projects
     •  Help with computer questions


  Tutors will not:

     •  Do your work for you
     •  Help with take-home quizzes
     •  Accept drop-off requests
     •  "Fix" your work

Tutor Appointments

Instructions for Tutor Appointments

To set an appointment with a tutor please follow the following steps:

  1. Locate a tutor who can assist in the subject with which you need help from the list of tutors below.
  2. Locate that tutor's name on the tutor schedule and pick three days and times for your single appointment that fall within the tutor's designated times of availability.
  3. Email the tutor you have chosen with your three dates and times and your subject.
  4. The tutor will respond to your email with his/her choice of a meeting day and time from the three you have selected.
  5. If you wish to change this day and time, please let the tutor know as soon as possible.

While walk-in appointments are always welcome, securing an appointment here will help to better assure that you will be able to receive assistance when needed.


Dakota Black, dcblack58@rangers.nwosu.edu
English composition & reading

Matthew Cherry, mlcherry@nwosu.edu
English composition & reading, programming I & II

Josena Frame, jmframe21@rangers.nwosu.edu
chemistry, biology

Kennedy Harmon, kaharmon00@rangers.nwosu.edu
English composition & reading

Juan Licea, jilicea77@rangers.nwosu.edu
algebra, trigonometry, statistics

Bo Pearson, bdpearson54@rangers.nwosu.edu
English composition & reading, general

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