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Mass Communication

The Bachelor of Science Program in Mass Communication enables students to reach their full potential through guidance, instruction and learning experiences in preparation for graduate studies and/or careers in communications and related fields. Our award-winning student media allows students to prepare for careers in, but not limited to, radio, television, newspaper, magazines, public relations, advertising, church media, corporate or government communication and politics.

  • Graduates within our program are able to gather information, process information and create accurate messages for mass audiences.

  • Past graduates are currently employed in the broadcasting industry, newspaper industry, as public relations professionals, college instructors, lawyers, ministers, public speakers, and a variety of other careers.

  • Starting during the freshman year, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through working with campus media.

  • Award-winning campus media includes Northwestern News, KNSU Ranger Radio, NWTV Channel 7 & RangerPulse.com.


Student Media & Clubs

  • KNSU Radio
  • Northwestern News
  • NWTV7
  • RangerPulse
  • Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association
  • Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association
  • Society of Professional Journalists


Careers for Degree

What Can I Do with a Mass Communication Degree?

  • Graphic Artist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Actor
  • Dubbing Editor
  • Advertising Director
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Magazine/Newspaper Editor
  • Announcer
  • Electronic Publishing Specialist
  • Media Relations Representative
  • Audio/Video Specialist
  • Events Planner
  • Author Feature
  • Writer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Bank Officer
  • Real Estate Broker/Agent
  • Clergy
  • Human Resource Administrator
  • Filmmaker/Documentarian
  • News Anchor
  • Book Editor
  • Freelance Reporter
  • Photojournalist/Photographer
  • Broadcast Supervisor/Technician
  • Fundraiser
  • Insurance Agent/Broker
  • Camera Operator
  • Government Relations Specialist
  • Print Production Manager
  • Public Information Officer
  • Children's Books Author/Illustrator
  • Circulation Manager
  • Hospitality/Hotel Manager
  • Publisher
  • Communications Specialist
  • Lobbyist
  • Illustrator Reporter
  • Copy Editor/Writer
  • Indexer Speechwriter
  • Corporate Communications Director
  • Sportscaster/Promoter
  • Correspondent Investigative
  • Reporter
  • Station Manager
  • Critic Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Technical Writer
  • Darkroom Technician
  • Legal Assistant
  • Campaign Manager
  • Press Secretary
  • Grant Writer
  • Traffic Manager
  • Director – Film, Video, Theater
  • Librarian
  • Travel Agent
  • Disc Jockey
  • Literary Agent
  • Wire Editor

Departmental Program Highlights

Mass Communications program highlights

  • Gain knowledge and skills in multiple areas including broadcast, print journalism, and strategic communication
  • Use industry standard equipment and software in our on-campus studios and newsroom
  • Complete internships that offer additional learning experiences and opportunities to network
  • Enjoy supportive relationships with faculty and peers
  • Work one-on-one with faculty and in group settings with peers
  • Apply for participation and/or memorial scholarships specifically for students active in the mass communication program and student media
  • Work for our student media in paid student positions

Student Learning Outcomes

The following are the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessed for the mass communication program:

SLO 1: Students will follow professional media standards to create effective audio productions for publication or distribution.

SLO 2: Students will follow professional media standards to create effective video productions for publication or distribution.

SLO 3: Students will follow professional media standards to create media writing projects for publication or distribution.

SLO 4: Students will follow professional media standards to create effective visual design elements.

SLO 5: Students will follow professional media standards to create effective strategic communication projects.

SLO 6: Students will apply strategies for effective intercultural communication in an interconnected global society.

SLO 7: Students will apply skills for effective review and analysis of research pertaining to the discipline of mass communication.

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