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The Department of Fine Arts prepares students for a career as an educator and/or artist through quality instruction and individualized attention while enriching the campus and community. As the arts center of Northwestern Oklahoma, the department serves to unite and enlighten students and communities through the visual and performing arts. 

We welcome students who are interested in creating music, visual arts, and theatrical productions as a means of enriching their college experience.  The department also offers major areas of study in Music and Speech & Theatre, as well as minors in the visual arts, theatre, music, and musical theatre.

Sing, Play, Act, and Create with us!

Participation Scholarships are available to ALL students:

All Rangers, regardless of major, are eligible for participation scholarships to be involved in any discipline within the Fine Arts. For more info how to enroll and benefit, fill out the "Information Request Form." 

Endowment Scholarship for Fine Arts Majors and Minors:

You can apply for endowment scholarships HERE. Endowment scholarship applications are due by Monday, February 6, 2023. Depending on your major, there will be additional requirements.  Freshmen Fine Arts majors enrolling for fall 2023 are eligible to audition or submit portfolios for departmental scholarships in band, choir and voice, theatre, and/or visual arts. Auditions/Portfolio reviews will be available in person or virtually by appointment or via electronic submission. In order to arrange an audition/portfolio review, contact the appropriate professor over your discipline now for specific audition/portfolio submission details. Alternatively, you may simply fill out the online form on this page, "Information Request Form" and we will contact you. Priority scholarship audition date is Saturday, February 4, 2023. 


Band - Dr. Michael Black,

Choir/Vocal - Dr. Karsten Longhurst,

Theatre -Prof. Kimberly Weast,

Visual Art - Prof. Lars Roeder,

Piano - Dr. Eduardo Moreira,


Music - Bands & Instrumental

Music - Choral & Vocal

Speech & Theatre 

Visual Arts Minor


Information Request Form

Fine Arts Student Handbook


Kimberly Weast, MFA
Professor of Theatre Arts
Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Fine Arts 330
(580) 327-8462

Student Spotlight
Sadrie Overall, Junior from Iola, Kansas

Sadrie Overall









"I joined NWOSU Theatre because I love performing, and I missed the feeling of getting onstage. The friends I have made are some of the most wholesome and encouraging people, on campus. The opportunities within NWOSU Theatre sets you up to excel and improve, everyone is a star and every role is important. Anyone can be apart of Theatre. The staff and students are always eager to work with newcomers to make them feel welcome and prepared." 

Degrees Offered

Music Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A) degree provides a thorough grounding in music while allowing students to also pursue coursework in a secondary subject area such as social work, psychology, business, or many other areas.

  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree prepares students to be performers, studio teachers, church musicians, and for music-related industry or graduate school. 

  • Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) degree in Vocal or Instrumental studies, prepares future educators for a career as a PK-12 teacher in Oklahoma and throughout the country.  Although a music education major may select either a vocal or an instrumental option, the music faculty encourages all students to have experience in both vocal and instrumental music, and strongly suggests achieving state certification in both areas to increase marketability after graduation.  

Speech & Theatre Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Theatre degree prepares students for careers in the media and entertainment industries, professional theatre, community theatre, religious theatre, business, professional speaking, human resources, public relations, and/or for graduate school. 

Fine Arts Minors:  Minors can accompany and enhance any bachelors degree at NWOSU. 

  • Music Minor is a 21-credit minor that encourages musical involvement and offers flexibility with upper-level course offerings, allowing students to explore areas of their interest.

  • Musical Theatre Minor is a 21-credit minor that balances music and theatre classes while offering experience in both.

  • Theatre Minor is a 22-credit minor that allows students to explore theatre production, acting, scene design, makeup design, and lighting.

  • Visual Arts Minor is a 21-credit minor that engages students in the visual arts while pursing their major course of study. A minor in Visual Arts prepares students for advanced study in art and for entry into professional artistic employment.

For a detailed look at the course requirements and descriptions for these degrees, please see the Undergraduate Catalog

Course Rotations


Students who take part in the Fine Arts are eligible for participation scholarships up $2,000, regardless of their major.

In addition, Fine Arts majors may apply for endowed scholarships here. These scholarship applications are due by February 6, 2023. (Departmental scholarships available in this area and more can be found at, including numerous miscellaneous unspecified scholarships.)

All students are encouraged to visit the Scholarships page for information about general scholarships for freshmen, transfers, and continuing students. Academic scholarships are also available.

In order to be considered for scholarships, please make sure that you complete the Application for Admission to the University and complete the FAFSA form at

Departmental Program Highlights

  • Fine Arts InfoFine Arts participation and scholarships up to $2,000 are available to all students regardless of major.
  • No conflict policy for students involved in more disciplines within the Fine Arts
  • 100% music education teacher placement
  • Band options include: Marching Band, Chamber WInds, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensemble
  • Choral and vocal ensembles work with nationally renowned artists through workshops, collaborations, and festivals
  • Choirs tour internationally at least once every 4 years
  • Annual musical with open auditions for students of any major
  • 4 Main Stage theatre productions, 56 annual concerts and presentations per year
  • Active participation in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
  • Artist-in-Residency Program brings emerging and established artists from diverse backgrounds to live and create artwork at NWOSU
  • Opportunities to exhibit artwork at the Graceful Arts Center, the historic Runnymede Hotel, and other supportive businesses in downtown Alva
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