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Biology is the Study of Life.

For a list of the courses needed for this program and descriptions, please see the Undergraduate Catalog


Dr. Jenny Sattler
Associate Professor of Physics
Chair, Department of Natural Science
Science Building 107 B
(580) 327-8568


Biology Club

Medical Sciences Club

Careers for Degree

Careers in the Biological Sciences (hosted by the American Institute of Biological Sciences)

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Biology program at Northwestern Oklahoma State University,

  1. Students will differentiate between diverse anatomical / internal structures of biological organisms.

  2. Students will discern the varied functions among living species and life systems.

  3. Students will effectively communicate key concepts in plant and animal sciences in a professional setting.

  4. Students will construct and/or evaluate experimental research in the sciences, including biological and multi-disciplinary studies.

  5. Students will characterize the interdependent roles of science, society and science education, analyzing related issues and responsibilities.

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