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Your Campus Cabinet is here to assist Northwestern students and employees in need.

We must require that ALL food requests be made via our online web form only.

Distribution will be Wednesdays by appointment only from 5-6:50 p.m. when school is in session.
If you cannot schedule a Wednesday appointment, you will need to contact Angelia Case for an alternate day and time.

If you are unable to make your appointment time, please let us know.

Schedule your appointment timeslot here - required

You will use your name and email address on this form, as well as your Campus Cabinet ID#. Your information will not be shown publicly.

For first time clients, we require that you fill out our First Time User's Form
and then fill out our Free Food Request Form here:

- Most needed items in the Alva Pantry -

Chili * Packaged rice/Pasta side dishes * Microwave-ready-meals * Breakfast drinks (choc, vanilla, strawberry) * Breakfast/Granola bars  * Cereal (boxes) * Fruit juices (individual bottles) * Soups (chicken noodle, tomato, vegetable, stew) * Saltine Crackers * Canned Vegetables * Canned fruits with/without sugar (or individually packaged) (peaches, pineapple, oranges, etc.) * Ramen * Canned beans * Canned meats of all kinds * Beef Jerky * Spaghetti/Spaghetti Rings/Beefaroni/Ravioli * Instant potatoes * Tomato sauce * Spaghetti sauce * Condiments of all kinds (ketchup, mustard, mayo, cooking oil, salt & pepper etc.) *  Snack crackers * Popcorn * Toaster pastries * Snack Sized Peanuts/Nuts * Peanut Butter * Jelly
Other needed items:

* Toilet paper * Facial tissues * Deodorant * Lotion * Tampon Multipacks / Pads *

* New Bed Pillows * New/Like New Sheets (Twin XL) * New/Like New Blankets *

 - Woodward - Most Needed Items -

Canned Fruit - Soups - Snacks - Microwaveable Meals (shelf stable) - Condiments/Miscellaneous

 - Enid - Most Needed Items -

Soups - All Canned Pastas - Canned Meals

What you need to do before your first visit:

First-Time User Application

If you are new to the Campus Cabinet you will be asked to fill out a First Time User Form prior to your first visit. The information provided on this form will only be seen by the staff responsible for the food pantry and used for internal reporting. Personal information will be kept confidential and only statistical information will be used. 

We respectfully ask that this form be submitted to us by Monday prior to your Wednesday visit for better service to you.

A web-based form is available below in the "How Will It Work & Forms" tab or above in the Campus Cabinet Forms tab.

What you need to do before your every visit:

Food Request Form

Please fill out this Food Request Form and schedule your pick up appointment time prior to each visit. We'll make every attempt to fulfill your food requests, but please know that we are limited by the types of food donated/purchased.

We respectfully ask that this form be submitted to us by Wednesday at 3 p.m. for better service to you as it will help us to prepare your order prior to your visit.

A web-based form is available below in the "How Will It Work & Forms" tab or above in the Campus Cabinet Forms tab.

Want to have a Food/Monetary Drive?

If YOU would like to hold a food drive, see the "How Can You Help" tab.

Want to volunteer to help?

See the "How Can You Help" tab to fill out a Volunteer Application Form.


FREE Meals for Students
and other helpful information

We've started a helpful list of the Alva churches and faith-based organizations that provide free meals to students including where and when.

This list also provides the location of the local Alva food pantry, other resources that could be helpful, the Teacher's Closet, Warmth for Winter and more. Please let us know if you have something that could be added to this list.  

Contact Information


Angelia Case
Campus Cabinet Coordinator, Assistant to the Dean of Faculty, Academic Projects Assistant/Media Specialist
NWOSU Art Society sponsor
(580) 327-8577


Tiffany Misak
Campus Coordinator/VA Coordinator
Enid Campus Cabinet Coodinator
(580) 213-3102


Krystan Pierce
Woodward Campus Cabinet Coordinator

Operating Hours:

Alva distribution will be by appointment only - on Wednesdays. Other appointments taken on a case by case basis.

If you have questions, please contact Angelia Case at (580) 327-8577 or

Mission Statement:
The Northwestern Campus Cabinet food pantry mission is to provide supplemental food and other basic necessities to alleviate food insecurity and barriers to student and employee success.

Single Parent Resource Directory-Woodward Area

Single Parent Resource Directory-Enid Area

Single Parent Resource Directory-Alva Area

NWOSU Art Society
Sponsoring Club

Teacher's Closet

NWOSU Counseling Services

Helpful Resources

Pantry Needs

Food & Hygiene Product Donations Needed!

Examples of food to donate include "dorm friendly" and other non-perishable food items such as:

list of always needed items for campus cabinet food pantry

Sugar-free items would be helpful to have.

Pop top canned items are perfect, but not required. Thanks!

All donations are appreciated, and we'll do our best to find a spot for everything! 

Monetary donations always accepted and appreciated!

See next gray tab for more info!

Monetary Donations Accepted

How can you help?
Tax deductible monetary donations may be made via the Northwestern Foundation. Please make checks payable to NWOSU Foundation, and list in the memo section "Campus Cabinet Food Pantry." Checks may be mailed to Angelia Case, NWOSU, 709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717, given to Angelia Case in Fine Arts 211 with the same memo, or provided at any food drive that is held. 

Who is the pantry for?

Who may use the food pantry?

All students and employees with current Northwestern photo IDs. Students will need to show proof of enrollment, and employees will need to show proof of employment at the university. 

How will the Campus Cabinet determine need?
Students and employees at Northwestern will be served based on good faith. It will be assumed that individuals who utilize the Campus Cabinet are there because they need it and will not abuse it.

How will it work & Forms

What is the cost to Northwestern students and employees?
Nothing. All items are free.

How often may a Northwestern student/employee visit the Campus Cabinet?

Students and employees may visit the pantry once a week.

If you are unable to come on Wednesdays because of class, practice or work, please make an appointment with Angelia Case at (580) 327-8577 or

Forms you will need to fill out and other rules

All students and employees wishing to use the pantry must submit the

First Time User Application-web

upon the first visit. We respectfully ask that this form be submitted to us by Monday prior to your Wednesday visit for better service to you.

The first time you come to the pantry, all students must show proof of enrollment at Northwestern in the current semester, and employees must show proof of employment at Northwestern.

After eligibility is confirmed and paperwork complete, a Campus Cabinet User's Card will be issued. You will present this card and a valid Northwestern photo ID each time you come to the food pantry.

You also will need to submit a

Food Request Form-web   

by Monday prior to your visit on Wednesday so that we can prepare a bag of food for you according to the answers you've provided on the form. The Monday deadline is mandatory if requesting milk.

You will need to submit this form each time you plan to visit the pantry.

Please Note: Some items listed on the Food Request Form may not available. Answers provided on the form will help us to understand what foods you are interested in so that we can try to accomodate in the future.

How can you help?


Besides making tax deductible monetary donations, you can help us by sponsoring a food drive, donating non-perishable foods, and volunteering to help work in the food pantry.

If you would be interested in volunteering, we are accepting on- and off-campus individuals, organizations, community members, students, etc. Please fill out the form below: 

Campus Cabinet Volunteer Application Form

Host a Food Drive!

Great Ideas for Food Drive Planning  

If you are interested in holding a food drive, please feel free to download this generic 

Food Drive Poster - PDF     or     Food Drive Poster - Jpg

and enter in your date, location and sponsoring organization. Or, you can create a poster of your own to publicize your drive.

Let us know, and we can help you publicize your drive, too!

Accept Food/Monetary Donations where you are!

Please help us collect non-perishable food, personal hygiene items, monetary donations in your building, office, business, etc.! Here is a poster you can print out and use to tell people they can donate at your place. Let us know, and we can add you to a list of where people can donate.

Donations Accepted Here-PDF or Donations Accepted Here-Jpg

News & Notes

In this area we hope to pass along news about the pantry and other noteworthy information.

Feedback Form

If you have a question, a comment, compliment, suggestion or complaint, please contact us via the

Campus Cabinet Feedback Form

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