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Ranger Experience is all of the annual events that take place at Northwestern-Alva. From getting to know one another at Howdy Week in the fall, to taking a break before finals week in the spring with Bahama Breakaway, Northwestern has plenty of events to look forward to during the school year helping you to get involved on campus.


Howdy Week

In the fall, the Monday following student orientations will kick off Northwestern-Alva’s “Howdy Week” excitement. Howdy Week is a week full of events that take place on campus, ranging from free food with cookouts by student housing, dances, scavenger hunts, prizes and so much more! It’s a great opportunity for students to break the ice and get to know one another! For more information contact Olivia Yandel at oayandel@nwosu.edu.

Bahama Breakaway

Students at Northwestern are able to relieve some stress the Thursday before finals week with the annual spring Bahama Breakaway event. Free food, prizes, music and games are always ready and waiting for students to come be a part of the fun!

Miss Northwestern

The Miss Northwestern Pageant provides a personal and professional opportunity for Northwestern’s young women to promote their voice in culture, politics, and the community. The pageant empowers young women to achieve their personal and professional goals, and provides a forum in which to express their opinions, talents, and intelligence.

Who is Miss Northwestern?
The Miss Northwestern Pageant attracts the most intelligent, highly-motivated and community-oriented young women the University has as students. All young women meeting the age and other requirements are eligible to compete from all three of our locations.

Source of Scholarship Funds
The Pageant was revived in 2001 from an 18-year absence through the cooperative effort of the Presidential Partners program, the University and community involvement. Tuition scholarship awards are funded through the Northwestern Foundation. Cash scholarship awards are funded through the Presidential Partners Program and community involvement at Northwestern.

For More Information
Questions about the pageant or appearance requests by Miss Northwestern should be directed to Chesnei Thomas, Executive Director, at cdthomas@nwosu.edu.

Past Winners of the Pageant

  • 1966 Farral Lochner
  • 1967 Ann Vickers
  • 1968 Linda Cline
  • 1969 Toni Richards
  • 1970 Maggi Mulloy
  • 1971 Cindy Goodwin
  • 1972 Vivian Janzen
  • 1973 Neta Sue Irwin
  • 1974 Gala Smith
  • 1975 Lori Hansen
  • 1976 Kay Tucker
  • 1977 Trudy Wheeler
  • 1978 Betty Hansen
  • 1979 xxxx
  • 1980 Dana Workman
  • 1981 Claretta Lingenfelter
  • 1982 Lintha Krehbiel
  • 1983 Marita Patterson
  • 2001 Kiley Reiger
  • 2002 Cassie McEachern
  • 2003 Braxie Ashpaugh
  • 2004 Lauren Casteel
  • 2005 Savannah White
  • 2006 Elizabeth Harris
  • 2007 Jordan Gaskill
  • 2008 Ashlynn Frey
  • 2009 Jordan Gaskill
  • 2010 Cali Crissup
  • 2011 Carmen Sander
  • 2012 Carrie Bowers
  • 2013 Ashton Blewitt
  • 2014 Alex Smith
  • 2015 Chelsay Adams
  • 2016 Mary Shklar
  • 2017 Kandi Hughart
  • 2018 Macie Malone
  • 2019 Alysson Stewart

NAS Art Show

The Art Show is sponsored every spring semester by the NWOSU Art Society (NAS) in the library at Northwestern-Alva. NAS encourages Northwestern students at all locations, as well as current and retired employees and alumni to enter and display their work. Students can win prize money. Art Show deadlines, rules, registration forms, past winners and more can be found at NAS Art Show

Theatre Productions

Northwestern’s Theatre Program plays host to productions every fall and spring semester. Watch for audition dates as many roles may be open to all students - not just theatre majors. These productions also need students who can help with set design and building, props and costuming. Participation Scholarships are available.

Student Musical Concerts 

Hear the local talent and support the arts by stopping by your very own Ranger musicians' concerts and recitals. The Instrumental Music Program and Vocal Music Program are open to all students regardless of major, and Participation Scholarships are available.

Athletic Events 

Cheer on your fellow Rangers in 14 sports teams including football, women's soccer, women's volleyball, women's and men's cross country, women's and men's golf, women's and men's rodeo, women's and men's basketball, softball, baseball and co-ed cheerleading. More about our athletics teams and their schedules is available at www.riderangersride.com. 

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