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Certified Background Check for All Nursing Students

The facilities used by Northwestern Oklahoma State University for clinical experiences require students to pass criminal background checks and drug screen tests. Such background checks and drug screens are clinical practice site requirements, not requirements of Northwestern Oklahoma State University or the Division of Nursing. The clinical facilities have specific requirements for the background checks and drug screens. Per the Oklahoma Board of Nursing Rules (https://oklahoma.gov/nursing/nursing-practice-act.html), students possessing a license as a Registered Nurse in Oklahoma may be reported to the State Board for infractions on the drug screen tests.

The Division of Nursing is responsible for approving acceptable training sites for its students, preparing students appropriately for required certification exams, and providing students with the appropriate knowledge to practice their profession. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the criminal background check and drug screen requirements. A student will not be allowed to participate in clinical experiences without completion of these annual requirements.

The Division of Nursing is NOT responsible for finding clinical practice sites for students who are unable to meet the requirements to pass the background check and/or drug screen. The Division of Nursing does not assure that a graduate will be allowed to register for required certification exams or obtain required licenses to practice based upon the results of the background checks or drug screens. Students should be aware that failure to pass a background check or drug screen will prevent the student from participating in the clinical experience and may delay the student’s completion of the degree program requirements or prevent the student from completing the degree program.

 A. Background Checks for Clinical Sites

Background checks on each student are required by clinical sites to protect patients and the general public. For this reason, clinical sites require you to have background checks performed. The Northwestern Oklahoma State University Division of Nursing and the DNP program reserve the right to require repeat background checks if needed. The background checks will allow dissemination of self-disclosure information, background check results, and conviction records to clinical training sites, whether in or outside the state of Oklahoma as deemed necessary by the school. This information may be provided to the clinical sites during the completion of the academic program. The scheduled due dates for background checks will be available in the Division of Nursing Office.

Conviction/criminal history records are reviewed as they relate to the content and nature of the curriculum and the safety and security of patients and the public.

In addition, please be aware that the clinical sites reserve the right to refuse placement of any student. If the student is unable to meet the clinical requirements, it will result in not being able to pass the course and the student will not be allowed to progress in the program.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University reserves the right to request additional information as deemed necessary.

Background Check Service

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