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Service Learning/Civic Engagement (SLICE)

Service Learning/Civic Engagement

The Service Learning and Civic Engagement (SL/CE) program strives to advance the participation in service learning and civic engagement in all degree programs, throughout standing campus organizations, and within the communities served by the university.

Our goal is to assist students in discovering an educational experience that will provide a service to our community and training for students within the realm of their individual degree focus. 

Our objective is to supply faculty with the resources and tools needed to create and maintain a service learning course and correlate the course material to the student's service.

Our purpose is to bridge the connection between the service opportunities provided by the community partners of the Northwest Oklahoma region and students seeking a service learning or civic engagement experience. 


Contact Information 

Janet Valencia
Service Learning Coordinator
Jesse Dunn 227 or Jesse Dunn 308
(580) 327-8615 or (580) 327-8134

What is SL/CE?

SL/CE is an educational experience in which students participate in the organization and execution of service activities that address campus and community involvement. The following characteristics serve to enhance faculty, student, and community partners' understanding of this concept:

As an educational experience, SL/CE meets academic learning objectives (spelled out in the syllabus).

  • Involves experience with a community-based organization or group suitable for promoting civic learning.
  • Incorporates voluntary reflection by students in order to gain better understanding of the material they are studying.
  • Results in students having a greater appreciation of the discipline they are studying.
  • Based upon principles of a campus-community partnership and reciprocity.

The goal: To enhance or better the community, while increasing the students' sense of civic responsibility and engagement. 

Information for Students

How does SL/CE benefit students?

  • Students involved in service learning and civic engagement generally have a higher grade point average than students who choose not to participate.
  • Service learning increases retention of course's subject matter and decreases student drop rates.
  • Service learning strengthens analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Students have the opportunity to gain real world experience while learning their coursework and building their resumes.
  • Students can become involved in assisting with an issue that is affecting their community.
  • SL/CE teaches citizenship and social responsibility skills that can last a lifetime.
  • Students participating in a service learning designated course or a club/organization contributing hours towards a civic engagement project/event are eligible to be nominated for The deSERVING Ranger Award presented by certificate each spring semester.


Information for Clubs & Organizations

Club and Organization Benefits

  • SL/CE promotes your Civic Engagement or Volunteer project.
  • SL/CE enhances your project by forming a partnership with other clubs/organizations or a course.
  • If your club/organization is currently looking for a Civic Engagement of a Volunteer project, SL/CE can help you find an engagement/project and make connections.
  • Submitting Post-Project Reports automatically nominates the club/organization for The perSERVEring Ranger Award, which is presented by banner each fall semester.

Club/Organization Post-Project Report Form (Please submit one report per civic engagement project/event.)

Information for Faculty

Faculty Benefits

  • Service Learning supplements the educational experience being provided by the instructors.
  • SL/CE allows the faculty to give back to the community through their students.
  • Service Learning provides an opportunity for the community to view the faculty as a resource.
  • Service Learning components in curriculum gives students the opportunity to connect classroom theory and practice to a community need.
  • SL/CE brings the community into the classroom.
  • Service Learning increases student retention by helping them develop a sense of community within the classroom.
  • Submitting Course Evaluation and Continuation Reports automatically nominates Service Learning Faculty for four SL/CE awards presented by certificates at the NWOSU Faculty/Staff Recognition Ceremony each November.  

Ready to submit your course for consideration as a service learning course? See the information and forms below!

Submit a Service Learning Course Approval Form

Service-learning is a structured learning experience that combines community service with explicit learning objectives, preparation, and reflection. Students involved in service learning are expected not only to provide community service but also to learn about the context in which the service is provided, the connection between the service and their academic coursework, and their role as citizens.

  1.  Complete the Course Approval form above prior to offering the class.

  2.  The SLICE Committee will review the completed form. They will approve the course or return it to the instructor with instructions for modification. Download a copy of the SLICE Committee Rubric for Service Learning Course Designation checklist to use as a guide.

  3.  For questions regarding the completion of the form or approval process please call Janet Valencia at (580) 327-8615 or 8134 or email jivalencia@nwosu.edu

Service Learning Course Development Materials

Community-Based Learning Course Follow-up Form

Please complete this form to help the Office of Service Learning and Civic Engagement track data and information about your service learning course. The information submitted is reported to Campus Compact and the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

If your course has already been given the Service Learning designation, this form must be submitted at the end of every semester the course is offered to continue receiving the designation.

Student Service-Sites Form

SLICE Courses by Degree

Service-Learning courses offered by degree:


3950 Business Society and Government


1214 Introduction to Plant Sciences

Agriculture Education

1214 Introduction to Plant Sciences

4960 Student Teaching/Internship


3011 Science Fair Judging

Biology: Health Science

3011 Science Fair Judging

Biology: Natural Science

3011 Science Fair Judging

Business Administration

3950 Business Society and Government


3011 Science Fair Judging

Computer Science

3101 C-STEM Investigations

Computer Science Information Systems Option

3101 C-STEM Investigations

Criminal Justice: Corrections

4703 Criminal Justice Internship

Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

4703 Criminal Justice Internship

Early Childhood Education

3313 Chirldren's Literature

4203 Elementary Creative Activities

Elementary Education

4960 Student Teaching/Internship


3513 Technical Writing

English Education

4960 Student Teaching/Internship

Health and Sports Sciences: Option I (Education)

4960 Student Teaching/Internship

Health and Sports Sciences: Option II Fitness Management (Non-Education)

4233 Internship I


4402 Historic Preservation

4422 Public History

History: Global Studies

4412 Museum Studies

Mass Communication

3463 Introduction to Strategic Communication


3101 C-STEM Investigations

Mathematics Education

4960 Student Teaching/Internship

Music: Option I Vocal

2101 Concert Choir

Music: Option II Instrumental

2121 University Band

Music Education: Option I Vocal

4960 Student Teaching/Internship

Music Education: Option II Instrumental

4960 Student Teaching/Internship

Natural Science Education

3011 Science Fair Judging


3037 Nursing Care of the Adult I

3226 Nursing Care in Mental Health

Political Science

4703 Public Service Internship


4261 Field Experience

Social Science Education

4960 Student Teaching/Internship

Social Work

2121 Service Learning in Social Work


4703 Sociology Internship


3113 Penisnular Spanish American Culture

Special Education

4203 Elementary Creative Activities  

Speech and Theatre

1441 Theatre Production I

 For more information, refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

SL/CE Work Study Positions

The Higher Education Act (HEA) states that one of the purposes of the FWS program is “…to encourage students receiving Federal student financial assistance to participate in community service activities that will benefit the Nation and engender in the students a sense of social responsibility and commitment to the community.” At NWOSU seven percent of the federal work study allocations are designated toward community service.

The following postions on campus have been designated as community service positions:

  • Project HELP (Hispanic Educational Language Program)
  • KNSU Radio Station
  • Community Bulletin Board Operator for NWTV
  • America Reads through the School of Professional Studies
  • NWOSU Museum
  • Wellness Center
  • Alva Recreation Complex

For more information about the Federal Work Study program contact the NWOSU Financial Aid Office

SL/CE Committee

The SL/CE Committee was formed as a standing committee in September of 2005 and meets regularly to address the following charge:

  • Define service learning and civic engagement for Northwestern Oklahoma State University.
  • Define a mission statement for the SLICE committee.
  • Distinguish the characteristics of service learning and how it differs from civic engagement.
  • Explore ways to incorporate the philosophy of service learning and civic engagement into the university's curriculum and into its student organizations.
  • Document the activities, in which departments/divisions are currently engaged, that qualify as service learning.
  • Identify ways to ensure departmental buy in.
  • Establish ways to document service learning/civic engagement activities.
  • Promote awareness of service learning/civic engagement opportunities.
  • Develop a service learning/civic engagement page on Northwestern's website.

The contents of the SL/CE web pages represent the products of the committee's work.

SL/CE Committee Members

Members- Janet Valencia (Chair), Shawna Gilbert, Dr. Jerry Gustafson, Kaylyn Hansen, Dr. Joshua Hawkins, Melissa Jones, Dr. Steven Mackie, Jeff McAlpin, Dr. Jennifer Page, Dr. Jennifer Sattler, Dr. Wei Zhou, and Jordan Harris (Student Representative).

SLICE Community Partners

If you would like to join the list below and partner with us and our students for volunteer opportunities at your organization please contact the appropriate SL/CE member:

Janet Valencia
(580) 327-8615 or 8134

Dr. Jerry Gustafson
(580) 213-3184

Dr. Kylene Rehder
(580) 327-8134

Or fill out the Service Learning Community Partner Submission form online to let us know you'd like to partner with us!

Organization                             Business Phone


Alva Chamber of Commerce, 580-327-1647
Alva Library, 580-327-1833
Alva Ministerial Alliance, 580-327-2571
Alva Mural Society, 580-327-1612

Alva Public Schools, 580-327-4823

Alva Senior Citizens Club, 580-327-1822
Business & Professional Women, 580-327-5376

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate, 800-742-2272
Cherokee Strip Museum, 580-327-2030

City of Alva, 580-327-1340 ext. 28

Freedom West, 580-327-2150

Graceful Arts Center, 580-327-2787

Lynn Martin Photography, 580-327-1686

Northwest Center for Behavioral Health, 580-327-1112

Northwest Domestic Crisis Center, 580-327-6648

Northwest Family Services, 580-327-2900

Senior Citizen Center, 580-327-1822
Share Medical Center, 580-430-3360

Wesley House Food Bank, 580-327-2046



AMBUCS, www.enidnoonambucs.org/contact-us.html

American Red Cross-Cimarron Valley Chapter, 237-5994
Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, 237-1907

Coolidge Elementary - Reading, 580-366-7550
Department of Human Services-Enid, 548-2100
Enid Public Library, 234-6313

Enid SPCA, 580-233-1325
Garfield County Commissioners, 237-0227
Gaslight Theatre, 234-2307
Girl Scouts-Western Oklahoma, Inc., 237-2187
Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce, 237-2494

Loaves and Fishes, 580-540-9830

Oklahoma Blood Institute, 580-233-9323

Red Cross, 

Salvation Army, 580-237-1910

United Way, 580-237-0821
YMCA, 237-4645
Youth & Family Services, 233-7220

YWCA, 580-234-7581


American Red Cross, 580-256-3828

CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate, 800-742-2272

First Baptist Church, 580-256-2837
High Plains Outreach Center, 580-254-5162

Hospice, 580-254-9275

Hospital Auxiliary, 580-254-8676

Literacy Council, 580-254-8582
Northwest Domestic Crisis Services, 580-256-1215
Panhandle Nutrition, 580-254-2389
Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum, 580-256-6136

Pregnancy Center, 580-254-2805

Relay for Life, 580-227-7449

Western Plains Youth and Family Services, 580-256-8931

Woodward Community Pantry, 580-256-2831
WOOF, 580-256-3320


Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma, 405-286-4000

Oklahoma Humane Society, 405-286-1229, ext. 1

Campus Compact

Service learning activities are supported by Campus Compact, a national coalition of more than 1,000 college and university presidents -- representing some 6 million students -- dedicated to promoting community service, civic engagement, and service learning in higher education. Oklahoma is active in the regional affiliate of Campus Compact along with Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. The State Office for Campus Compact is located in the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) office.

Oklahoma Campus Compact Contact:

Debbie Terlip

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717
Phone: (580) 327-1700

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