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Please complete this Course Evaluation and Continuation Report to help the Office of Service Learning and Civic Engagement track data and information about your service learning course. The information submitted is reported to Campus Compact and the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

If your course has already been given the Service Learning designation, this form must be submitted at the end of every semester the course is offered to continue receiving the designation.

Below, you will see a questions for "Student Reflection Quotes, Upload Photos and News/Video Links." These fields are not required, but if you have student reflection quotes, photos or links to video, please share them at the appropriate question. These items will be used on the SLICE website, in the Campus Compact and President's Honor Roll surveys, and for Accreditation purposes.

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Service Learning Project/Event Information

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In general what areas did your students benefit from the Service Learning Experience? Check all that apply. *
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