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Northwestern Honors helps high-achieving students realize their potential through challenging courses and unique scholarship opportunities. 

Spring 2017 Honors graduatesMission Statement

The Honors Program at Northwestern Oklahoma State University promotes excellence in undergraduate education through a multi-disciplinary environment of small classes that foster critical thinking, effective communication, reflective citizenship, and a maturing personality in a global perspective.

How does it work?

The Honors Program is meant to supplement your chosen course of study in a challenging and engaging way. All students at Northwestern must complete general education requirements, regardless of major. Students in the Honors Program take four Honors Special Topics courses (one per semester) that replace four general education courses (two humanities, one social science, and one natural science) taught by passionate, enthusiastic faculty. After this four-course sequence is complete, Honors students complete a portfolio of their Honors coursework and then propose an independent project led by an esteemed faculty member in the student's major discipline. This work complements students' interests and helps them develop skills useful for the workforce, graduate school, or professional school.

Honors Program Objectives

  • Promote excellence in undergraduate education;
  • Generate multi-disciplinary opportunities for students;
  • Design challenging courses:
  • Provide small class sizes
  • Foster an environment of scholarship; and
  • Raise students' global awareness.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students in each Honors course will meet at least half of the specified SLOs:

  • Demonstrate independent, critical, and creative thinking;
  • Become exposed to cultures different from their own;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills;
  • Model academic and professional behaviors;
  • Cultive reflective citizenship/ and/or
  • Demonstrate academic maturity.

Why join Northwestern Honors?

  • Small, challenging classes on interesting topics
  • Special distinction on transcripts and diploma
  • Great networking and research opportunities
  • Scholarships - Students are eligible to receive annual $500 scholarships to the NWOSU bookstore





Contact us!

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us: 

Dr. Roxie James, Chair
Associate Professor of English
Vinson Hall 210
(580) 327-8474


Honors Program Highlights

  • Honors Program infoPromotes excellence in undergraduate education through a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Small, challenging classes on interesting topics
  • Earn a special distinction on your transcripts and diploma
  • Independent research opportunities
  • Students are eligible to receive $500 to the NWOSU Bookstore annually
  • Honors students take four special courses, defend their portfolio, and complete an independent project



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