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Are you looking for a job on campus?

There are two types of student work programs available at Northwestern. Eligibility for FWS or Federal Work Study is based on the information you put on the FAFSA. FWS will be granted through the Financial Aid Office to any student who is currently enrolled in at least six hours for undergraduate students and five hours for graduate students. TEA or Temporary Employment Action can be granted though the Payroll Office to any student who is currently enrolled in at least six hours for undergraduate students and five hours for graduate students. It is generally easier to find a position on campus if you have qualified for Federal Work Study. You will need to process a work agreement for FWS before beginning work assignments by visiting with staff in the Financial Aid Office.

The maximum number of hours any student can work per week is 15. These 15 hours can be split between more than one on-campus job. The official work week runs Sunday through Saturday. 

To be eligible to work on campus, you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • Be enrolled at least half time (at least six hours for undergraduates/five hours for graduate students)
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have been awarded and accepted  federal work study

You’ll also need to provide the Human Resources/Payroll Office, first floor of Herod Hall within the Business Office, with the following "new hire" paperwork:

  • Form W-4 
  • State of Oklahoma Loyalty Oath 
  • Form I-9 
  • Two I.D.'s: 
    • Valid driver's license to prove identity 
    • Social Security card to prove eligibility to work in the U.S. 

Make sure the top portion of your timesheet is accurate, including the "Department to Charge section. Please be specific.

Supervisors must review and initial days worked when offices were officially closed.

The Career Services Office is available to assist supervisors hiring workers, as well as to help students seeking campus jobs. This office also may know of jobs available within the community.



No student may work in their on-campus job if they are scheduled to be in class at that time.

Should a class be cancelled or let out early, you must obtain a notice (ex. email, typed letter signed by teacher) from your teacher indicating the date and time and attach that notice to that month's timesheet if you work during your enrolled class time.



Student time-sheets are located in Self-Service under the employee tab. Then select time entry. Pay close attention when entering time to make sure you are on the correct timesheet if you have multiple positions.

Be sure to enter and submit your time by the deadline so you can be paid.  Late time submission will NOT be processed for payroll  until the following month.  And then a paper time sheet will need to be submitted since that month will be closed.



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