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Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association (OAEA)


Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association (OAEA) is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students currently preparing for careers in education.  As a member of NWOSU OAEA, students are affiliated with the larger Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association, as well as the  Oklahoma Education Association, an educational professional association representing more than 40,000 members in the state.  OAEA members are also part of the National Education Association – the largest education association in the nation and a major force in shaping the nation’s education agenda, with more than 2.7 million members representing every state in the nation.

The National Education Association Student Program is the largest student voice in the nation and provides its 50,000 student members on more than 900 college/university campuses across all 50 states with publications, services, and representation at the national level.  When OAEA joins with more than 40,000 OEA members and 2.7 million NEA members, we can truly improve the profession that we have chosen for our careers.


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Contact the Sponsors:

Dr. Mariann Braten-Hall (Enid)
Phone: (580) 213-3135 
Email: mbraten-hall@nwosu.edu


  • Madelyn Atchely, president
  • Bailey Humphries, co-president
  • Tricia Hoosier, secretary



Member Benefits

Cost to join OAEA

OEA/NEA Membership - $30

Member dues pay for:

  • OAEA Fall Conference - $30 (free with membership)
  • OAEA Spring Conference - $30 (free with membership)

Member Benefits...

  • We are a part of NEA (National Education Association) so we receive all their benefits.
  • OEA (Oklahoma Education Association) benefits, such as advocates or lawyers are available if needed.  Get a free will made, name changed, identity theft consultation, and many more!
  • Waivers and free support sessions for the OSAT (Teacher certification exam)
  • One Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy
  • Discounts on insurance for home and auto
  • Professional Development
  • Networking

Networking with OAEA members Statewide!

  • Share with all OAEA chapters in the state during Conferences and Outreach to Teach!
  • Brainstorm and share ideas with other chapters on different topics such as membership, fundraisers, etc!
  • Share classroom ideas, employment opportunities, and make numerous contacts!

Legislative Support...

  • Local and statewide OEA representatives fighting for teachers and our school systems at the State Capitol.
  • OEA members will lobby for our future jobs and other important aspects of the teaching profession.
  • You will be informed about what the legislative system is doing in our state with public education.

Professional Development...

  • Tools and workshops such as: OSAT Support Sessions, True Colors, Special Education Training, FISH, and many more, to assist with the first year of teaching and upcoming teachers!


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