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Information Technology

Our Office of Information Technology staff is here to help you with various computer, telephone and email issues as well as providing information on demographic/survey data, Self-Service, Blackboard and distance learning areas. 


Craig RickeCraig Ricke, Director of Information Technology
Shockley Hall 208 | (580) 327-8602 | caricke@nwosu.edu

  • Computer Hardware/Software Purchases
  • Telephone System
  • Server/Network Problems
  • Computer Lab Support
  • Computer Hardware/Software Support

Leeta GrimsleyLeeta Grimsley, Assistant Director/Systems Specialist
Shockley Hall 206 | (580) 327-8585 | lagrimsley@nwosu.edu

  • Computer Software/Hardware Support
  • Computer Lab Support
  • Telephone System
  • Server/Network Problems
  • Student Email Support

Dalton MoserDalton Moser, Database Analyst/Programmer
Shockley Hall 209 | (580) 327-8611 | ddmoser@nwosu.edu

  • Self-Service Support
  • Student Email Support
  • Blackboard Support
  • Demographic/Survey Data

Tara MillerTara Miller, Database Analyst
Shockley Hall 107 | (580) 327-8612 | tdmiller@nwosu.edu

  • Database Analysis/Report Generation
  • Demographic/Survey Data

Ashley FischerAshley Fischer, Institutional Research Specialist
Shockley Hall 209 | (580) 327-8601 | affischer@nwosu.edu

  • Demographic/Survey Data


Blake GarnettBlake Garnett, Systems Analyst
Shockley Hall 209 | (580) 327-8600 | brgarnett@nwosu.edu

  • Computer Lab Support
  • Computer Software/Hardware Support
  • Network Support






Contacts for Distance Learning/ITV/Blackboard:

  • ITV-Alva
    • Support (580) 327-8166
    • Scheduling & Support - Chauncey Durham, ITV Coordinator, (580) 327-8169, cadurham@nwosu.edu
  • ITV-Enid
    • Support & Scheduling - Chauncey Durham, , ITV Coordinator, (580) 213-3155, cadurham@nwosu.edu
  • ITV-Woodward
    • (580) 254-2503
  • Blackboard

Emergency Text Message Alert System

Northwestern has installed a cell alert system that utilizes text messaging services via cell phones to alert students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. 

While students and employees are automatically entered to receive email notifications they are not enrolled in the texting or voice services and must register their text-enabled phones by logging in to their Self-Service account and going to Daily Work, Emergency Notification Signup.

Depending on the type of plan you have with your provider, you may incur minimal costs for any text messages you receive.

We encourage all students and employees to sign up for this service as soon as possible.

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to caricke@nwosu.edu listing your cell phone number and your cell provider. A member of the Information Technology staff will then register your information and contact you to verify that your number works correctly.

If you have problems or your cell provider is not listed, please contact IT at (580) 327-8602 or e-mail caricke@nwosu.edu.

If your number or provider has changed since you first registered your cell phone, please re-register.

Beware of Phishing or Scam Emails

Please use caution when you receive a strange email message, especially those with attachments, links, or ones asking you to do something.

Do not click on links in these emails or open attachments from emails that seem suspicious to you. Doing so may take you to a site that could install spyware or viruses to your computer.

Check the sender’s address, if it is incorrect, delete the message. You may know the person's name attached to it, but the email address isn't accurate. If you aren’t sure about it, contact the sender through a different means to see if it is legitimate.

Sometimes these emails are poorly written and words are misspelled.

Spammers will target a specific department and try to impersonate the department chair.  In some cases, the spammer will ask the person to purchase gift cards, take a picture of them, and send the pictures, they may ask for a phone number, and the email may create a sense of urgency for you to do something for them.

You also may contact the IT Office to report an email that you believe may be spam - (580) 327-8602 or caricke@nwosu.edu

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