Shades of Color - a book by Northwestern alumnus Clifton Savoy, Ph.D. 

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     Synopsis of Book: 

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Shades of Color is based on the true, heart-warming stories of the first people of color, primarily Native-American and African-American, who attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Oklahoma. The setting is the bloody and divisive 1950-60s where tough racial questions are asked. The findings are noteworthy on a national level, but they are even more applicable today. It was revealed Northwestern has an unequaled legacy. Read more below. 

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Unique relationships between these students of color and others on campus unfold, chapter-by-chapter. A stunning realization is observed that these life perceptions existed from birth, and remain until each of us is taught something different.

On first glance, though, Shades of Color seems merely a collection of one-on-one stories of these first students of color to attend Northwestern. It's located near the center of the United States on the Salt Fork River on the northern border of Old Indian Territory Oklahoma. The western Great Plains from where students came was mostly white and, based on daily national news reports of racial hostility, similar issues might have been expected at Northwestern.

The 1960s decade was one of the most divisive, violent, and bloody in United States history; maybe second, only to the 1860s divided nation in the Civil War era with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and some six hundred thousand war deaths. 

The 1960s daily life at Northwestern and its feeder-towns had little similarity to this national scene. Instead, it was relatively mild and peaceful. How could this be and why, since a few students also attended from states outside the area, like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania? Others attended from countries thousands of miles away. Northwestern’s legacy began to take shape and, what has been revealed, seems unequaled by any other public or private university or college in the United States.

The inspirational stories within Shades of Color, and the interwoven historical national events, reveal not only the ‘How,’ but the ‘Why’ as well. They compel, as well, give an honest examination of one’s racial and political views.

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Author Bio:

Clifton SavoyClifton was born and raised in western Oklahoma. He’s a graduate of Northwestern Oklahoma State University, class of 1967. He and wife, Judith, now live in Tallahassee, Florida, but he has never forgotten those roots. Now, he is following his passion—to bring life to stories that deserve to be resurrected, to live, be remembered, and not altered with time. … Shades of Color is one of them, and it’s an honor to bring these heart-tugging memories back to life.

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