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Self-Study 2014

Many individuals at Northwestern worked hard the past several years to prepare our Self-Study report for the Higher Learning Commission accreditation review. The report is finished and beneficial information was uncovered that will help NWOSU continue to be a leader in higher education.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

HLC's Open Pathways to Accreditation


Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness


Northwestern is a state-assisted, public regional university and a member of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education. The University is governed by the Regional University System of Oklahoma. Northwestern is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Additional program accreditation includes the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) for teacher education. The nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN) and is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. Northwestern's Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Northwestern's Division of Business is currently in the candidacy phase seeking additional program accreditation from the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Jesse Schroeder, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication; Self-Study Coordinator
  • Dr. Janet Cunningham, President
  • Dr. James Bell, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Sheila Brintnall, Professor of Mathematics
  • Tammy Brown, Assistant Professor of Speech
  • Dr. Deena Fisher, Dean of NWOSU Woodward Campus
  • Leah Haines, Director of Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Susan Jeffries, Director of NWOSU Libraries
  • Dr. Mike Knedler, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Steve Lohmann, Executive Vice President
  • Dr. Tim Maharry, Associate professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Mary Ellen Nutter, Assistant Professor of Education
  • David Pecha, Vice President for Administration
  • Dr. Dean Scarbrough, Associate professor of Agriculture
  • Jake Streck, English Education, Student-Athlete
  • Gilda Palacio, Biology Student
  • Jennifer George, Early Childhood Education Student
  • Magon Mayhall, Mass Communication student 

Criterion 1: Mission Committee

  • Dr. Mary Ellen Nutter – Chair, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Dr. Mike Knedler – Assistant Chair, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Ryan Bay, Head Baseball Coach
  • Dr. Jim Breyley, Associate Professor of Business
  • Dr. Kay Decker, Professor of Sociology, Chair
  • Kathy Earnest, Instructor of English
  • Ashton Ghaemi, Service Learning Coordinator, Social Work Secretary
  • Verna Graybill, Access Services Librarian, Instructor of Library & Information Services
  • Julie Lehr, International Student Advisor
  • Dr. Aaron Mason, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Professor of Biology
  • Ted Satterfield, Instructor of Mass Communication
  • Mark Sneary, Instructor of Agriculture
  • Dr. Martie Young, Professor of Education

Criterion 2: Integrity - Ethical & Responsible Conduct Committee

  • Dr. Sheila Brintnall, Chair, Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Deena Fisher, Assistant Chair, Dean, Woodward Campus
  • Marjie Bagley, Comptroller
  • Taylor Brainard, Systems Analyst, Information Technology
  • LeRoy Burks, Police Chief, Campus Police
  • Tami Cooper, Human Resources Director
  • Myra Davison, Administrative Assistant, President's Office
  • Brad Franz, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Jerry Gustafson, Professor of Business
  • Dr. Amy Hall, Assistant Professor of English
  • Cheryl Kent, Instructor of Nursing, Assistant Chair
  • Sheri Lahr, Registrar
  • Dr. Cornelia Mihai, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Calleb Mosburg, Director of Financial Aid, Dean of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Aaron Place, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Eric Schmaltz, Associate Professor of History
  • Debbie Skinner, Administrative Assistant to Executive Vice President
  • Steve Valencia, Associate Vice President for University Relations
  • Mark Wallace, Director of Students, Director of Housing
  • Kimberly Weast, MFA, Professor of Theater

Criterion 3: Teaching & Learning - Quality, Resources & Support Committee

  • Dr. James Bell – Chair, Chair , English, Foreign Language and Humanities
  • Dr. Steve Lohmann – Assistant Chair, Executive Vice President
  • Ramona Bartlow, Instructor of Nursing
  • Dr. Ralph Bourret, Assistant Professor of Business
  • Dr. Sarah Chan, Assistant Professor of Music
  • Mindi Clark, Instructor of Agriculture
  • Dr. Colleen Golightly, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Brandice Guerra, MFA, Assistant Professor of Art
  • Dr. Bo Hannaford, Dean, School of Professional Studies
  • Kaylyn Hansen, Director of Student Life & Counseling
  • Dr. Nancy Knous, Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Kathryn Lane, Assistant Professor of English
  • Dr. Steven Mackie, Associate Professor of Education
  • Dr. Steven Maier, Associate Professor of Physics, Chair
  • Dr. Venkata Moorthy, Professor of Biology
  • Joanne Prewett, Director, Academic Success Center
  • Kirk Rogers, Instructor of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Michael Stone, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
  • Gary Tucker, Instructor of Business
  • Dena Walker, Instructor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Wei Zhou, Assistant Professor of Business

Criterion 4: Teaching & Learning - Evaluation & Improvement Committee

  • Dr. Dean Scarbrough – Chair, Professor of Agriculture
  • Ms. Leah Haines – Assistant Chair, Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Dennis Angle, Title III SIP Project Director
  • Sheila Blalock, Instructor of Nursing
  • Curtis Cook, Coordinator of Sponsored Programs
  • Dr. Sharon Hill, Professor of English
  • Debra Hogan, Instructor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Wayne McMillin, Dean, NWOSU Enid Campus
  • Dr. Chandler Mead, Professor of Sports Science, Chair
  • Dr. Irene Messoloras, Assistant Professor of Music, Chair
  • Dr. Steve Palmer, Associate Professor of Business, Chair
  • J.W. Platt, Instructor of History
  • Kylene Rehder, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Chair
  • Dr. Steve Thompson, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Beverly Warden, Professor of Education, Chair
  • Teri Warren, Assistant Registrar/Admissions Coordinator
  • Dr. Claudia Young, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Criterion 5: Resources, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee

  • Dr. Tim Maharry – Chair, Professor of Mathematics, Chair
  • David Pecha – Assistant Chair, Vice President for Administration
  • Mark Bagley, Instructor of Computer Science
  • Skeeter Bird, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation & Alumni Association
  • Sheri Bushman, Bursar
  • Andy Carter, Athletic Director
  • Dr. Mark Davis, Professor of Psychology, Chair
  • Jim Detgen, Director, Physical Plant
  • Dr. Roger Hardaway, Professor of History
  • Dr. Shawn Holliday, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Interim Chair
  • Dr. Frank Martinez, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Paul Mathis, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Jeff McAlpin, Instructor of Sociology/Criminal Justice, BJCC Treatment Director
  • Marilyn Moore, Assistant Director & Systems Librarian, Instructor of Library & Information Services
  • Kathleen O’Halleran, Instructor of Political Science, Sociology & Geography
  • Craig Ricke, Director, Information Technology
  • Dana Roark, Instructor of Business
  • Marietta Washington, Custodial Supervisor
  • Dr. Jason Wickham, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Melanie Wilderman, Instructor of Mass Communication

Design & Resources Committee

  • Tammy Brown – Chair, Assistant Professor of Speech
  • Susan Jeffries – Assistant Chair, Library Services Director
  • Erika Birk, University Relations Specialist, Office of University Relations
  • Jake Boedecker, Online Learning Coordinator/Webmaster, Coordinator of Distance Learning
  • Angelia Case, Academic Projects Assistant/Media Specialist
  • Valarie Case, University Relations Specialist, Office of University Relations
  • Leeta Grimsley, Assistant Director/Systems Specialist, Information Technology
  • Alica Hall, Coordinator of Printing Services
  • Haley Smith, University Relations Specialist, Office of University Relations
  • Rachel Stewart, Special Events Coordinator, Office of University Relations
  • David Washington, Carpenter/Events Facilitator

Institutional Snapshot:

  • Diane Penner, UDS/Records Coordinator
  • Tara Sander, Institutional Research Specialist, Information Technology

Campaign & Promotion Committee

  • Becky Hankins – Chair, Transfer Admissions Counselor/Career Services
  • Emily Beard, Secretary of Assessment/Sponsored Programs/Assistant Director J.R. Holder Wellness Center
  • Ben Eastes, Financial Aid Assistant, Financial Aid
  • Ashton Ghaemi, Service Learning Coordinator, Social Work Secretary
  • Delana Hansel, Financial Manager, Foundation Office
  • Marie Kadavy, Communications & Marketing Manager, Foundation & Alumni Association
  • Haley Smith, University Relations Specialist, Office of University Relations
  • Melissa Turco, Title III Academic Advisor
  • Chelsay Adams, Mass Communication student
  • Magon Mayhall, Mass Communication student 

Federal Compliance Section Committees

Assignment of Credits, Program Length, and Tuition

  • Sheri Lahr – Chair
  • Teri Warren
  • Rita Castleberry
  • Fawn Kingcade

Institutional Records and Student Complaints

  • Calleb Mosburg – Chair
  • Leah Haines
  • Janessa Ruback
  • Dr. Steve Lohmann

Publication of Transfer Policies

  • Carly Williams - Chair
  • Sheri Lahr
  • Teri Warren
  • Rebecca Hankins

Practices for verification of Student Identity

  • Jake Boedecker – Chair
  • Sharon McConkey
  • Sheri Lahr
  • Teri Warren

Title IV Program Responsibilities

  • Rita Castleberry – Chair
  • Calleb Mosburg
  • Mr. David Pecha

Required Information for Students and the Public

  • Debbie Skinner – Chair
  • Jake Boedecker

Advertising and Recruitment Materials and other Public Information

  • Steve Valencia – Chair
  • Carly Williams

Review of Student Outcome Data

  • Leah Haines – Chair
  • Dr. Mike Knedler
  • Dr. Bo Hannaford
  • Dr. Steve Lohmann

Division and Department Chairs – As Needed

  • Calleb Mosburg
  • Rebecca Hankins

Standing with State and other Accrediting Agencies

  • Dr. Steve Lohmann - Chair
  • Dr. Mike Knedler
  • Dr. Bo Hannaford
  • Dr. Steve Palmer
  • Dr. Beverly Warden
  • Dr. Shelly Wells
  • Dr. Kylene Rehder

Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment

  • Dr. Jesse Schroeder - Chair
  • Haley Smith   

Student Review Committee

  • Jake Streck, English Education/Student-Athlete
  • Gilda Palacio, Biology student
  • Jennifer George, Early Childhood Education student
  • Magon Mayhall, Mass Communication student
  • Chelsay Adams, Mass Communication student
  • Dustin Stefan, Nursing student
  • Taylor Morris, Mass Communication/Theatre student
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