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Remote Proctor Information for Faculty

Remote Proctor Now Information for Faculty

Faculty Access to Remote Proctor - To register and review exams.

Remote Proctor Now is an option that is available for you to use for proctoring online courses.  Remote Proctor can be used as an alternative to online students driving to a Northwestern campus to take an exam, or finding a testing center to proctor exams for students who live far away.  The cost to the student to use Remote Proctor Now is $15 per exam.

Remote Proctor verifies the student's identity, thus providing an assurance that the student taking the exam is the student enrolled in the class.  Remote Proctor records audio and video of a student as they take their exam.  A web camera and screen capture technology are used to monitor the testing environment, the students activity and the computer screen.  Multiple certified exam review specialists then review each recording and report back to you - the instructor - if violations of the testing policy or any kind of cheating or suspicious activity occurred.

If you do not currently have a Remote Proctor account, please contact Jake Boedecker to request an accountStudents do not need an account to take an exam via Remote Proctor.


Instructor Guidebook - A detailed guide on how to login, register exams, and review exams.

Online Course Exam Proctoring Policy

Online Exam Proctoring Schedule and Guidelines

Online Exam Proctoring Request

Northwestern's Default Exam Policy - You may make exemptions to this policy as you register your exam in the Remote Proctor system.

Blacklisted Programs - These are the programs that students will not be allowed to run while using Remote Proctor.  Most of these programs could be used to copy the exam, capture screen images, or communicate with others during an exam.

Quick Guide for Exam Takers - You may distribute this to your students who will be taking a Remote Proctor exam.

Exam Review Explanations - Defines the terms used by Remote Proctor reviewers when flagging exam rules violations or suspicious activity.

Parental Agreement for Minor Students - Remote Proctor must have this agreement completed and on file for any student taking an exam who is under the age of 18.


Remote Proctor has their own support for their product and services.  Please email educationcs@psionline.com for faculty support.  This email address is not for student support.  Students should use the method described on the Remote Proctor Student Page for support.

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