Washington Early Childhood Center Teacher Makes an IMPACT

May 20, 2024

Amanda McCamey assists one of her kindergarten students at Washington Early Childhood Center.

Teachers leave an impact on all our lives.

Amanda McCamey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 2006. After several years working in the oilfield industry, the Alva native decided to start a new career journey.

“Truly it was my children,” McCamey said. “Once my children got older and got in school, we moved out in the country, so, you know, it was just more convenient for me to have a schedule that works with theirs.”

McCamey started working as a teacher’s aide at the Pre-K level two years ago, which made her eligible for the para-to-teacher pathway alternative certification and the GEER funded IMPACT (Innovation and Meaningful Preparation for Alternatively Certified Teachers) Program.

To be eligible for the IMPACT program, individuals must be employed as an Oklahoma Pre-K through 12th grade teacher for the upcoming academic year, hold a non-education bachelor’s degree, and be emergency certified or fulfilling alternative certification requirements through the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).

McCamey currently works as a Kindergarten teacher for Washington Early Childhood Center.

Amanda McCamey gives a lesson to her kindergarten class at Washington Early Childhood Center.

“First years are always stressful, but I feel like it's been going pretty good,” McCamey said. “The ladies at Northwestern have been super helpful with me figuring out which classes I need to take and helping me with those classes.”

The Division of Education provides classes through the Curriculum and Instruction path of study through the Northwestern Graduate Studies program.

McCamey says her co-workers at Washington are also very supportive.

“All the teachers here have been very helpful as well,” McCamey said. “They make sure I have everything that I need to make sure my students are learning what they need to be learning and are ready to move on to first grade.”

Alva Public Schools took notice of McCamey’s efforts and bestowed the Rising Star Award to her this spring. The award is given to a teacher with three years or less experience from all the schools in the district.

Amanda McCamey poses with her kindergarten class and Alva Public Schools Rising Star Award in her classroom at Washington Early Childhood Center.

“I was pretty shocked,” McCamey said. “It's an exciting experience to think that they see that I'm working hard and making a difference, an impact in the student's lives.”

McCamey plans to further that impact in the future and is grateful for her family’s support in doing so.

“I still have a few classes that I have to take to finish my alternative certification, but I've really enjoyed teaching this year, so I just plan to keep on teaching,” McCamey said. “I'm just going to finish my certification and continue doing what I'm doing. I always said I was going to be a teacher growing up, and then I went a different route, so, it was a whole new learning experience.”

The IMPACT program is designed to meet the needs of those alternatively or emergency certified.

“We are very proud of the work and commitment that we see in Mrs. McCamey and all our alternative certification candidates,” Dr. Jennifer Oswald, chair of the Northwestern Division of Education, said. “I am thrilled for the opportunity to be able to help them complete their certification requirements through the GEER-funded IMPACT program. We are grateful for the impact these educators will continue to make on their students, schools, and communities.”

McCamey was also recognized on the Spring 2024 Northwestern President’s Honorable Mention List for graduate students by achieving a 4.0 or 3.5 GPA while being enrolled in three to eight semester hours.

 “Dr. Oswald and Dr. (Christie) Riley, they've been great with any questions I've had with classes or schedules or anything,” McCamey said. “I feel like the program at Northwestern is very helpful for those of us that can't be on campus all the time to still get the education we need.”

The total costs of the IMPACT Program are 100 percent financed with Federal money; zero percent of the total costs of the program will be financed by non-governmental sources. $550,000 of Federal funds are used for this program.

For more information on the Northwestern Division of Education, visit www.nwosu.edu/school-of-professional-studies/education, or contact Oswald at jdoswald@nwosu.edu or (580) 327-8451.


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