Northwestern Sees Increases in Graduate, Concurrent Student Numbers

October 7, 2021

Northwestern Oklahoma State University officials have announced a decrease in the overall student population but are seeing significant increases in graduate and concurrent numbers.

This national trend of a decreasing undergraduate student population is the largest within higher education in 10 years, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Northwestern reported a decrease of 2.5 percent in student headcount, with a total of 1,789. Graduate student numbers saw an increase of 14 percent, and concurrent student headcount increased by 20.6 percent.  

“We remain confident regarding enrollment,” Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president, said. “Even though we are experiencing a decrease, we have made recruitment and retention a priority throughout campus, which means faculty and staff are more involved than ever before.” 

Cunningham called for an enrollment management task force to be assembled in the fall of 2020. The task force focuses on strategically creating new ideas to enrich the recruitment efforts. This group is comprised of faculty and staff members who help bring different perspectives of the students’ experience to help with recruitment and retention efforts.   

“Through this task force, we all share one common goal,” Calleb Mosburg, dean of student affairs and enrollment management, said. “We want students to experience Northwestern and to know that we will support them through this journey.” 

Northwestern’s Woodward and Enid campuses also provide opportunities for those in regions outside of Alva. Woodward experienced a 14.6 percent decrease with a total number of 140 students. Enid saw an increase of 3 percent and serves 168 students on its campus.  

Northwestern provides coursework in Alva, Enid, Woodward and the University Center in Ponca City, as well as many online options. Through these offerings, students can begin their degree or complete a degree that has already been started.  

“Northwestern is an incredible place to earn your education,” Cunningham said. “We want you to have the best experiences as a Ranger and receive many opportunities while here.” 



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