Northwestern librarian publishes first action-comedy novel

December 4, 2018

Northwestern Oklahoma State University instructional services librarian Douglas Davidson sits next to his recently published action-comedy novel “Jake and the Dynamo - The Wattage of Justice.”

What started out as a hobby has now helped Douglas Davidson, research and instructional services librarian and assistant professor of library sciences, become a published author.

Davidson recently published his first book, “Jake and the Dynamo - The Wattage of Justice.” The book is available in both paperback and e-book forms through

Davidson said the book is an illustrated, action-comedy novel for adults based on a dream he had.

“The main character is a teenage kid who is excited about going to high school, and then there’s a computer glitch in the system that deletes part of his transcript information, and he gets sent back to fifth grade,” Davidson said. “The girl he sits next to in class is actually a super hero, and he ends up becoming her reluctant side kick and fighting monsters. It’s a lot of action sequences and a lot of slapstick humor.”

Davidson said he had originally planned on self-publishing his book, but L. Jagi Lamplighter, author and free-lance editor, sent it to a publisher after Davidson had sent it to her. After approximately two years the book was published by Superversive Press.

Davidson said he faced only a few obstacles throughout the process, mainly with the cover art and a small delay with the publishing. He said over all it was a fairly simple process on his part, and he had fun writing.

Davidson said he has already written the ending for the final book in what he sees as being a series of books, and added that he is almost finished with the second book in the series.

As a new author, Davidson said he has gotten some positive response and hopes to have the second book out soon while there’s still audience-interest.

For more information contact Davidson at (580) 327-8572 or


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