Northwestern Division of Business professor’s expertise highlighted in article for

January 10, 2024

Northwestern Division of Business Professor, Dr. Barry Evans

Northwestern Oklahoma State University associate professor of business Dr. Barry Evans was recently featured in’s 2024 Economic Index article.

Evans is featured in the “Ask the Experts” section of the article where he shares his advice for individuals asking themselves, “With the ongoing uncertainties in this economy, what steps can individuals take to protect their personal finances?”

Evans recommends three steps. “The first and most important step is to simply spend less than you make, every month and every year,” Evans told WalletHub. “I have seen people with six-figure salaries who still live paycheck to paycheck due to multiple car payments, high mortgage payments, and an expensive lifestyle.”

Evans also recommends setting a goal to invest 10% of monthly income; and be wise on what and where money is spent.

“The difference is staggering between people who start investing for retirement at 22 versus those who wait until 40,” Evans said. “At age 65 the difference can be over a half million dollars, depending on assumptions and the markets.”

“Also, so many young people entering the workforce enter a ‘gig economy’ without employer retirement matching,” Evans added. “So, it is more important than ever for people to take planning for retirement as a personal responsibility instead of relying on companies to provide retirement plans.”

 For Evans’ full comments, see WalletHub’s entire article at

Evans began teaching at Northwestern in fall 2023. His teaching competencies include business communication, employment law, leadership, strategic management, macroeconomics, business and accounting ethics, organizational theory and organizational change.

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Northwestern Division of Business Professor, Dr. Barry Evans


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