Ranger Band Pre-Registration 2021

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Dear Ranger Band Members:

Welcome to all the new and returning members of the 2021-2022 Ranger Bands! We have an exciting year in store, and we are thrilled to have you as a band member.


Marching Band and Symphony Band meet at 3 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Marching Band meets in the fall, and Symphony Band meets in the spring. The Ranger Marching Band and the Symphony Band perform at all the football games and basketball games. The Symphony Band also performs at the Commencement in the spring. To be in the Ranger Marching Band you will need to enroll in MUSI-3131.

The Community Band meets at 7:00 PM on Mondays after Spring Break. The Community Band only rehearses in the spring after Spring Break. There are usually around six rehearsals.

The Jazz Ensemble meets at 2:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Jazz Ensemble goes on tour, and they also perform at the Commencement in the fall.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Everyone who enrolls in Ranger Marching Band, Symphony Band, Community Band, and is a full-time student receives a $1,500 scholarship for the year. (That is $750 each semester.) An additional $250 each semester is available for those who are in the Jazz Ensemble. Therefore, it is possible to receive $2,000 each year by participating in all the bands.

BAND CAMP: Band camp is an important time for us to solidify marching fundamentals and learn the first show of the year. If you plan to be a part of the marching band, you will need to attend band camp. (You have to be at band camp in order to receive your full scholarship.) Band camp starts August 9th for everyone, and a complete band camp itinerary will be sent to the band members in July. (A tentative schedule is currently available on the main band website.)

For those living in university housing, you will be allowed to move into the dorms early during band camp, at no additional cost. If you will be living on campus, please check the appropriate box on this form in order to move into the dorms early.

Food for the week of band camp will be covered by the university.

There is a $25 band camp fee due August 8th. This one-time fee pays for uniform dry-cleaning as well as some of the food during the week. Make checks payable to NWOSU.

CONTACT: Please add the NWOSU Ranger Bands Facebook page as well, because I do make announcements on that site.

If you have specific questions about joining that aren't answered here, please contact Professor Weast.

Ride Rangers Ride!


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Thank you for pre-registering for the Northwestern band program!

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