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This application is for use by a prospective student of Northwestern Oklahoma State University who is a citizen or permanent resident of a country other than the United States and is or will be temporarily in the United States in a non-immigrant status only. If you are a United States Permanent Resident Alien, you will need to complete the general student application, located on the NWOSU website.

Applications must be completed honestly and completely and must be submitted by the deadline listed below in order for consideration into Applicant’s preferred semester. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!

Deadline for admission is as follows:
Fall Semester(August to December):July 15
Spring Semester(January to May):December 10

Applicant Information

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Academic Information

Educational History: Universities in the United States require you to list ALL educational institutions you have attended on your application. Failure to disclose COMPLETE educational background and submit COMPLETE educational credentials will affect your admission and/or enrollment opportunities at NWOSU. In addition to the information below, complete and official transcripts from each institution will be required before gaining acceptance to NWOSU. Please list ALL secondary level schools that you have attended or are currently attending.



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You will be contacted at the email provided above with information about your application status.

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