Facility and Event Reservation Form

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Please fill out the information below to request campus facilities, equipment, food services, etc., as well as to have the information placed on the University Calendar on our website.

The information also will be used for the Administrative Calendar kept by Debbie Skinner. The Administrative Calendar will not be seen on the website; it only will be utilized by Ms. Skinner to help with the scheduling of rooms, dates, etc.

If you would like publicity on this event to go out to the public, please contact University Relations for assistance via the Submit News form at https://www.nwosu.edu/university-relations.

This form is not to be used to reserve Herod Hall Auditorium. Use the Herod Hall Reservation form.

Facility or Facilities Requested (if you need to select more than one room for your event, check all that apply) *

Public Contact Info for Calendar Listing (we will use this information in the calendar posting)

Location of Your Organization *
Set Up: If you need help with set up or a specific number of tables, etc., please provide that information below. *
Media: Media items needed. If you find that any of this equipment will not be needed after requested, please let someone know before set up is made. *

The person listed in the Contact Email will receive a receipt of your answers upon submitting this form; however, this receipt will not serve as an official calendar confirmation of your event. The official confirmation will come from Debbie Skinner or Jodie Randels in a separate email to you and others needing to know the information.

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