Teacher Education Program Candidate Appeals Form

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This form will email directly to Dr. Christie Riley, director of teacher education and assistant professor of education. Her contact information is (580) 327-8694 or clriley@nwosu.edu.

Compile into one document the following: a current transcript; current degree audit (from Registry Office); individual plan for program completion; copies of test scores or registration for the OGET, OSAT, OPTE; and other pertinent information.

Information Below is for Teacher Education Program Use:

This space is provided for these individuals to make written comments on the appeal, approve or deny, provide their signature and the date.

Rationale/Comments from Director of Teacher Education:


Approve  or  Deny       Signature______________________________________________________Date_________________

Rationale/Comments from Associate Dean of Education:


Approve  or  Deny       Signature______________________________________________________Date_________________

Rationale/Comments from Vice President for Academic Affairs:


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