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This application is for students interested in applying for the Generic Track completion for the Bachelor of Science (BSN) program. This track includes students who progress through the four-year BSN program who do not have an associate degree or diploma in nursing, including LPN students. The application process starts October 1 and ends January 15.

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Provide a written essay describing why you want to become a nurse. Explain how an admission to the BSN program at Northwestern will help you achieve your goals. Limit this essay to no more than 500 words. Upload a s Word Document or PDF.

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I herein make application for admission into the Nursing Program at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I understand that the Nursing Program of Northwestern Oklahoma State University admits a limited number of students due to available resources. Although, I may meet or exceed the minimum requirements for admission, circumstances may prevent the NWOSU Nursing Program from admitting all students who meet the admission criteria. I also understand that falsifying any records pertinent to this application can lead to ineligibility or immediate dismissal from the nursing program.

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