Scholarship Information at Northwestern Oklahoma State University
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University Scholarships

Most scholarships are awarded to students with strong academic records and/or demonstrated leadership capabilities. A number of performance scholarships also are given in areas such as music, speech, agriculture and campus media. Recommendations for these awards usually come from university department heads. Athletic scholarships are awarded through the athletic department.

High school seniors who wish to apply for Northwestern scholarships and enrollment incentives should return a completed Scholarship Application with a seven-semester transcript by May 15 (best if returned by March 31) for best consideration. Continuing students have until March 15 to apply for scholarships for the upcoming year. Application for SPECIFIED Foundation Scholarships must be made by February 15 within the specified department.

Transfer students have until July 15 to complete an application and provide verification of their cumulative grade point average.

NOTE: Generally, Northwestern scholarships are not automatically renewed. Students must apply for scholarships each year.