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The office of Student Services is your starting point to experience the full effect of what it means to be a part of the #RangerFamily. Whether it’s assisting through the enrollment process, offering unique opportunities for your educational experience, tutoring and counseling, or giving overall information for when, where and how to be involved on campus, we are here for you! 

The educational experience at Northwestern encompasses both classroom and extra-curricular learning opportunities. As a student, your active participation in a wide array of educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs will determine the richness of your collegiate experience.

Student Services consists of the following offices and programs to help students: 

  • Tutoring assistance is provided by Student Services, Office of Student Success and Counseling and Student Support Services in the Fine Arts Building.  Tutoring services are provided by the Academic Success Center in the Industrial Education Building.

  • Counseling services are provided by the Office of Student Success and Counseling in the Fine Arts Building.

  • Testing services are provided by the Office of Student Success and Counseling and the Academic Success Center.

  • Campus Safety and Campus Police, housed in the Student Center.

  • Current student parking decal and IDs are provided in Student Services Office, first floor of the Fine Arts Building.

  • International student enrollment and services are provided by the International Student Services, second floor of the Fine Arts Building.

  • Summer jump start programs, early college prepping classes, financial assistance with college are possible through Student Support Services, Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math and Sciences (first floor of Jesse Dunn). 

  • Wellness and fitness programs are provided through the J.R. Holder Wellness Center. 

Each student at Northwestern is unique and has worth and dignity. It is our goal to assist students and recognize, understand, and celebrate human differences. 

The Student Services office is located on the first floor, Room 126, of the Fine Arts Building on the Alva Campus. We can assist you with the following:

Vehicle Parking Decals
- Student and Employee IDs
- Title IX
- ADA Services
- Veteran Affairs


Student Services Office
(580) 327-8414

Calleb Mosburg
Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Phone: (580) 327-8415
Email: cnmosburg@nwosu.edu









ADA Services

The links below have been provided to help you gain better access to online forms needed for Students with Disabilities. 

Should you need further assistance, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Calleb Mosburg.

ADA Handbook (PDF Document)

Application for Special Accommodations (Online Form)

Exam Request Form (Online Form)

Incident Report Form (Online Form)

Petition to Request a Change in Degree Requirement (Online Form) 

Request for Services (Online Form)

Waiver of Services (Online Form) 

Veteran Affairs

The Northwestern Veterans Affairs Office maintains a positive working relationship with the Veterans Affairs Regional Office and other educational institution's Veteran’s Affairs Offices. This enables us to assist our students with VA and educational problems in a more effective manner. We are here to provide assistance in contacting other VA sources and to provide guidance in solving any problems they might encounter at the university.

Service to the student is our main objective. It is our goal to assist students in receiving all VA educational money they are entitled to and to receiving it in the timeliest manner.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University assists students who are eligible to receive educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. All degree plans offered by Northwestern have been approved by the State Accrediting Agency for payment of federal benefits.

The Northwestern Veterans Affairs Office will certify enrollment for payment of VA Educational Benefits for all students who meet eligibility criteria as set forth by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans or veterans' dependents interested in using their GI Bill benefits should contact Student Services to determine what documents are required at the time of enrollment to avoid delay in processing.

Contact Information:  Tiffany Misak
Phone: (580) 213-3101
Email: tdmisak@nwosu.edu

Student Handbook

Northwestern's Student Handbook is available and applicable to all students. It can answer your questions wanting to know more about our policies when dealing with enrollment, student academic progress, retention, social media, housing, and more. 

Download the PDF below: 

Student Handbook 2017

Filing A Complaint

Any student or employee may file a formal complaint if he/she believes that he/she has not been treated appropriately by a student, faculty member, administrator, or staff member. If you wish to file a formal complaint please select the link below to complete the form.

Student/Employee General Complaint Form

Please complete and submit this form as soon as possible after the alleged misconduct has occurred (preferably within two university business days).

Filing A Grievance

Students and employees may file a formal grievance concerning campus or classroom problems that lack written policies. If you wish to file a formal grievance please select the link below to complete the form.

Grievance Form

Please complete the general information in the top portion of the form and write a factual description of the incident concerning your allegations. The form will be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Fine Arts Building, Room 126.

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