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Ranger Research Day X


Friday, November 18, 2016
This page updated 7 September 2016

REGISTRATION FORM DUE BY Monday, November 7, 2016 ~ (see link below)

Links for Ranger Research Day, Fall 2015:

 Basic information about Ranger Research Day XI:

  • Annual event, fall semester, the Friday before Thanksgiving.
  • Open to all NWOSU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Poster and Academic Paper competition for research projects in all disciplines.
  • Preliminary to Oklahoma Research Day, a statewide/regional research event held in March. This year NWOSU will sponsor Oklahoma Research Day and will hold the event at the Central National Bank Center in Enid.
  • Student posters may be entered 'For Display Only' if authors wish to do so. 
  • Faculty posters MUST be entered 'For Display Only.'  
  • NWOSU Printing Services can print posters; contact Alica Hall, Coordinator of Printing Services, 580.327.8476, or email printshop@nwosu.edu for additional information. All posters must be submitted to NWOSU's print shop by Wednesday, November 9, 2016, for printing. Posters submitted after that date will not be printed.

Posters should not exceed 48" x 48" and should be attached to tri-fold display stands (available at Wal-Mart, Staples, Merrifield's, and other businesses); alternatively, you may provide your own easel. Please be aware that the university does not provide easels or stands for posters. The university will provide eight-foot banquet tables, allowing two posters per table. The poster session will occur in the morning from 8:30 to 12:30.

Students who choose not to develop a poster but prefer to read academic papers during the afternoon session (from 1:30 to 4:30) have a 20-minute time limit (aproximately an 8-10-page paper). Papers will be grouped into sessions by discipline or theme.


The print shop has developed the following policies to help with the construction and printing of posters: 

A great program to lay out a poster for Ranger Research Day is PowerPoint. PowerPoint is easy to work with.

To begin go to the design tab (Mac users might need to look around more to find the correct location) and click on page set up. In the page setup dialog box choose for the page layout to be set to custom. Then in the dimension boxes put in the size that you want the poster to print. The printshop has three sizes of paper for large format/poster printing. You can choose a different dimension than the printshop offers, but they cannot print larger than 42 inches wide. The three sizes are 24”, 36”, and 42”. Design the poster, making sure that you use high quality pictures (when you search for pictures, click in search options that you want a large file – anything lower than 500 by 500 pixels will not look good when printed.) Once you have saved the file as a PowerPoint file, then save it as a pdf file. This is the type of file that printshop prefers. A jpg file is also acceptable. If you send the PowerPoint file, then when it prints might not end up looking how you designed it. Fonts and images can shift when going from one computer to another. Send your finished pdf file to afhall@nwosu.edu. When you send it, make sure to include your name, the size that you want your poster printed, and the type of paper that you want it to be printed on. If you need something additional, such as grommets, then make sure to let the printshop know. If you don’t understand some of this, contact them. The printshop accepts cash and checks for payment. Also if needed, a student can pay by credit or debit card in the business office either in person or by phone. The posters can be couriered to other campus as needed after payment has been received.

 Links for general information concerning poster construction and paper presentations:

Other links of interest:

Please contact Dr. Holliday, telephone 580.327.8589 or email spholliday@nwosu.edu to report broken links.

Ranger Research Day Committee:

  • Dr. Shawn Holliday, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, chair 
  • Dr. James Bell, Associate Vice President for Academics and the Dean of Faculty
  • Dr. Bo Hannaford, Vice president for Academics
  • Dr. Wayne McMillin, Dean of the Enid Campus
  • Dr. Eric Schmaltz, Professor of History
  • Dr. Aaron Mason, Professor of Political Science 
  • Ms. Lydia Campbell, Coordinator of Graduate Studies 

Ranger Research Day, Fall 2016

Winning Research Projects:



First Place:
Janet A. Faakye (Professor Stephanie Widick, Sponsor)
“Background Music during Studies: Does it Impact Concentration, Comprehension, and       Retention?”


First Place:
Fiifi Neizer-Ashun & Christian Agbola (Dr. Aaron Place, Sponsor)
“Chemical Communication in Earthworms”

Second Place:
Abbie Tillman, Willow Gahr, & Riley Trousdale (Dr. Aaron Place, Sponsor)
“Hot or Cold?”

Third Place:
Wisdon Baidoo Addae (Dr. Steven Thompson, Sponsor)
“Effects of Different Colors on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate”


First Place:
Dalton Pannell, Brady Fields, & Yeboah Gyening (Dr. Cornelia Mihai, Sponsor)
“Introductory Bioorganic Study of Firefly Luciferase—An Enzyme to Drive Bioluminescense”

Second Place:
Austin Anderson (Dr. Jason Wickham, Sponsor)
“Study of Iodine Gas Scrubber Efficiency and Iodine Distribution in Northwestern Oklahoma Brine Waters”


First Place:
Riley Bryant & Brooke Ortiz (Dr. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
“Central Line Infection”

Second Place:
Jonathan Allotey, Niisi Jordan, & Cydni Phelps (Dr. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
“Message Therapy for Pain in Older Adults”

Third Place:
Shanndi Boor, Rebecca Ellis, & Danielle Williams (Dr. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
“Battle of the Biotics”

Art: Natural History Drawing 

First Place:
Rachel Davis (Professor Kyle Larson, Sponsor)
“American Crow”

Second Place:
Breanna McClure (Professor Kyle Larson, Sponsor)
“Swanson’s Hawk, Herring Gull”

Third Place:
Clayton Hill (Professor Kyle Larson, Sponsor)
“Raccoon & Skunk Skulls, Bald Eagle”

Papers Presentations:


First Place:
Chandler Steckbeck (Dr. Jennifer Page, Sponsor)
“The Apparitiional Presence: From Shakespeare’s Richard III to Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Second Place:
Ashley Wilson (Dr. Shawn Holliday, Sponsor)
“McTeague Doesn’t Go to College: McTeague and the Historical Perspective of the Dental Profession in the United States”

Third Place:
Sydnie Lowe (Dr. Kathryn Lane, Sponsor)
“The Role of Women in the Home”

Ranger Research Day 2016 Abstract Book


 Ranger Research Day, Fall 2015

Winning Research Projects:


   Math & Science

   First Place:

        Carrie Schanbacher & Kelsey Fly (Dr. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
                "Water Immersion in First Stages of Labor"

     Second Place:

          Timothy E. Legg (Dr. Aaron Place, Sponsor)
                "The Anitmicrobial Effectiveness of Bothrops Moojeni Venom on Selected Bacteria."

   Third Place:

         Rachelle Keene (Dr. Venkata Moorthy, Sponsor)
                "Resistivity of Endospores to UV Rays and Heat Exposure"

     Honorable Mention:

          Laura Haftman & Chasidee Koehn (Dr. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
                   "Skin to Skin"


      Liberal Arts

      First Place:

               RaLyssa Taylor (Professor Jana Brown, Sponsor)
                    "The United States: Nuclear Fear"


Conference Papers:    

       Liberal Arts

       First Place:

               Charlie Wylie (Dr. Kathryn Lane, Sponsor)
                     "Lois Lane: A Depiction of the Cultural Evolution of Women"

       Second Place:

               Haley Smith (Dr. Kathy Earnest, Sponsor)
                    "'R U sure this txt sounds rite lol!': The Effects of Text Speak on Literacy: Detriment or Opportunity?

        Third Place:

               Riley Pearce (Dr. James Bell, Sponsor)
                    "Religion and the Law: The Everlasting Battle Between the Individual and Community"

       Honorable Mention:

               Katrina Henning (Dr. Jennifer Page, Sponsor)
                    "'To love and fear and both, at once': Censorship, Social Control, and Gender Subversion on the English
                           Renaissance Stage"

Click here for the Fall 2015 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book


Ranger Research Day, Fall 2014

Winning Research Projects


   First Place:

Paige Little (Dr. Venkata Moorthy, Sponsor):
 "Comparison of Acid Production and Growth Rate of Selected Gram Negative Bacteria and Yeasts
 Different Carbohydrates" 

   Second Place:

Taylor Waugh (Dr. Venkata Moorthy, Sponsor):
 "Studies in Biofilm Formation by Bacteria Isolated from Drinking Fountains"

   Third Place:

Loren Quiram & Jermaine Bell (Professor Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
 "Nurse-Patient Ratios"

   Honorable Mention:

Tiffany Song & Robin Zornes (Professor Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
 "Long-Term Pharmocological Management in Adults with Acute Coronary Syndrome"

Conference Papers:

   First Place:

Natalie Sacket (Dr. Richmond Adams, Sponsor)
 "Curse of Creativity"

   Second Place:

K. Brooke Cilino (Dr. Kathryn Lane, Sponsor)
 "Cinderella: An Essential Princess for Women?"

   Third Place:

Carrie Vega-Hughes (Dr. Kathryn Lane, Sponsor)
 "The Relevance of Manners"

   Honorable Mention:

Timothy Legg (Professor Kathy Earnest, Sponsor)
 "To Fly or Not to Fly: Ethical Decision-Making in a Responsible Citizenry"


Click here for the Fall 2014 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book


Ranger Research Day, Fall 2013

Winning Research Projects


    First Place:

        Sapana Kadel (Dr. Venkata Moorthy, Sponsor):
                 "DOK3 Negatively Regulates RANKL-induced Osteoclastogenesis"

    Second Place (Tie):

        Anjeela Shrestha (Dr. Aaron Place, Sponsor):
                 "Defensive Coloration in Long-Nosed Snake"

        Heather Newlin, Heather Collins, & Alex Meltabarger (Prof. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
                 "What is the difference in Obesity Rates Between Breastfed and Bottlefed Infants"

    Third Place:

        Jana Washington, Emily Wadel, & Kelsey Fanning (Prof. Leslie Collins, Sponsor)
                 "A Systematic Review of Prehabilitation"

   Honorable Mention (Tie):

        Shane Engelken (Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Sponsor)
                 "Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements on the Male Human Body"

        Alexandrea McBee (Dr. Sherril Stone, Sponsor)
                 "Artificial vs. Real Animals in Nursing Homes"

Conference Papers:

    First Place:

        Ken LaFon (Prof. Kathy Earnest, Sponsor)
                 "The Linguistic Legacy of the Louisiana Purchase"

    Second Place:

        Ken LaFon (Dr. Shawn Holliday, Sponsor)
                 "An Application of the Sociological Theories of Charles Horton Cooley to Frank Norris's McTeague"

    Third Place:

        Josh Cook (Dr. Joseph Nnanna, Sponsor)
                 "Negotiation Strategies in a Hostile Business Environment"


Click here for the Fall 2013 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book


Ranger Research Day, Spring 2013

Winning Research Projects


    First Place (Tie):

        Morgan Reinart, Jeff Martin, & Julia Conneywerdy (Dr. Aaron Place, Sponsor):
                 “Arsenic Testing in NWOSU
’s Taxidermy Collections and Natural Science Museum”

          Morgan Reinart (Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Sponsor):
                 “Overweight and Obesity Rates in Firefighters: Overcoming the Epidemic"

    Second Place:         

            Morgan Reinart (Dr. Steven Thompson, Sponsor):
“Firefighter Air Consumption in Relation to Body Fat Percentage”

    Third Place:

             Stephanie Martin (Dr. Cynthia Pfiefer-Hill, Sponsor):
                    “Brain Waves Occurring during a Golf Putt”

     Honorable Mention (Tie):

              Dakota Helvie and Jacob Roberson (Dr. Kimberly Soulek, Sponsor):
                     “Why is Enrollment in the Division of Business Down at the Enid Campus?"

               Kent Jenson (Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Sponsor):
                      "Binaural Beats: A Study on the Effects of Binaural Beats on Brain Waves and Mental Performance."

Conference Papers:

        First Place

                Jaden Crocker (Dr. James Bell, Sponsor):
                      “The Standardized Testing Debate”

        Second Place

                Morgan Biaggi (Dr. James Bell, Sponsor):
“Individuality versus Community”

        Third Place

                 Kathryn "Brooke" Palmer (Professor Kathy Earnest, Sponsor):
                         “Side-by-Side Language Learning”

        Honorable Mention

                Gabriel Dunbar (Dr. Nancy Knous, Sponsor):
                         “Opinions of Same Sex Marriage"


Click Here for the Spring 2013 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book





    First Place:

        *Clay Reed (Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Sponsor): "Electroencephalogram Changes Dependent on Sleep Deprivation"

    Second Place:

        *Allison Reinart (Dr. Nancy Knous, Sponsor): "The Effects of Participating in Visual Arts on the Cognitive and Social Development of Children"

    Third Place:

        *Tiffany George (Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Sponsor): "Electrooculogram (EOG) Comparative Analysis Between Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Readers"

Conference Papers

    First Place:

        *Shawna Stewart, Carrie Abbott, and Kelly Li (Dr. Carole McKenzie, Sponsor): "Managing Stress with Bio-Touch: A Non-Invasive Tool for Achieving Balance"

    Second Place:

        *Morgan Plummer (Dr. Kathryn Lane, Sponsor): "The Role of the Absent Mother In Jane Austen's Emma"

    Third Place:

        *Alexis Peterson (Dr. Kathryn Lane, Sponsor): "Challenging Gender Roles: Wuthering Heights"

Click Here for the 2012 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book



First Place:

    *    Kody Jones (Dr. Steven Maier, Sponsor)
             "Characteristics of Frost Formation on Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers"

Second Place:

    *    Rebecca Fenton (Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, Sponsor)
             "Dyslexia: A Difference in Visual Comprehension"

Third Place:

    *    Gerald Mbara (Dr. Aaron J. Place, Sponsor)
             "Identification of the Cryptic North American Tree Frog"

CLICK HERE for the 2011 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book (PDF document).




  • Amanda Moyer, Vince Lauderdale, & Chrystal Benson (Dr. Steven Maier, sponsor)
     "Correlation between Brainwave Activity and Work Metabolic Rate"



  • Coleman Teel (Dr. Aaron Place, sponsor)
     "Predator Odors as a Potential Repellant for Snakes"


  • Sociology Students Research Group (Kathleen O'Halleran, sponsor)
     "The 'Millennials' Sense of Self in Society: College Student Identity in an Era of Profound Change"
  • Chrystal Benson & Alyssa Logsdon (Dr. Cornelia Mihai, sponsor)
     "Synthesis of several precursors of new dihydrofolate reductase substrate analogs"

CLICK HERE for the 2010 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book (PDF document).



  • Johnathan Oswald (Dr. Aaron J. Place, sponsor)
     "An Electrophysiological Analysis of the Tail Shaker Complex in Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes with the Use of Eelectromyography (EMG)"


  • Amanda Moyer (Dr. Mark Davis, sponsor)
     "Establishing Personality Trends in Lupus Patients"


  • Melissa McGinnis (Dr. Wayne McMillin, sponsor)
     "Traditional Gender Roles and Religious Ideology"

Ranger Research Day 2009:

Research posters were judged at 9:00 a.m. and then were on display in the Student Center Ballroom until the awards ceremony at 11:30 p.m.

CLICK HERE for the 2009 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book (PDF document, 7 pages).



  • Eric Summars (Dr. Aaron J. Place, sponsor)
     "Habituation learning in Western Diamondback rattlesnakes (Crotalue atrax) in response to thermal cues"

  • Tiffiney D. Walls (Dr. Wayne McMillin, sponsor)
     "Socioeconomic status and sex role stereotypes toward women"


  • Amanda Moyer and Christopher Williams (Dr. Jo Conceicao, sponsor)
     "Which comes first, formal charge or Lewis structure: A computational chemistry analysis using electron density?"


  • Anika Rohla (Dr. Sandra Petree, sponsor)
     "Changes: A new American and feminine reality"

Ranger Research Day 2008:

Research posters were on display in the Student Center Ballroom. The afternoon awards ceremony and the key-note address were in the Student Center Ranger Room beginning at 1:00 p.m.

Key-note speaker was Dr. Linda Mason, Coordinator for Grant Writing and External Funding, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

CLICK HERE for the 2008 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book (PDF document, 9 pages). 



  • First Place: Paula Nevius
     "Empathy, Prosocial Helping Behaviors and Career Choice"
  • Second Place: Amy L. Lowe
     "Test Anxiety and Self-Esteem: Does It Affect Academic Performance?"
  • Third Place: Gisele Jackson
     "Generational Perceptions of Personality for Contemporary and Traditional Names"


  • First Place: Eric J. Schmaltz
     "The Long Trek: The Mass Transfer of Ukrainian Germans to 'Greater' Germany, 1943-1945"
  • Second Place: Bodie O'Donnell
     "How Can History Be Used To Stop the Mistakes of the Past: A Look at the Vietnam and Iraq Wars"
  • Third Place: Aaron L. Mason
     "The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Changing Dynamics of American Federalism"


  • First Place: Kenny-Joe Wallen
     "The Effects of Physical Exercise on Cognitive Mental-Task-Induced Brain Activity (using EEG analysis) in Sedentary Individuals Versus Physically Fit Individuals"
  • Second Place: Heath Stotts
     "Covalency in Ionic Bonds"
  • Third Place: Stephen An
     "The Relation Between Alarm Pheromones and Corticosterone Levels in Western Diamond-Backed Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox)"

Ranger Research Day 2007:

Research posters were on display in the Student Center Ballroom. The afternoon awards ceremony and the key-note address were in the Student Center Ranger Room beginning at 2:00 p.m.

Key-note speaker was Dr. Stephen W. Painton, Ranger Class of 1969 and Chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

CLICK HERE for the 2007 Ranger Research Day Abstract Book (PDF document, 16 pa