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E-Mail Access

All Northwestern students are given a Northwestern email account. You can access this email account online as shown by the instructions below. Please read the acceptable use and password policies before accessing your account.
Acceptable Use Policies
Password Policies
Email Overview
Step-by-Step Email Instructions

Student E-Mail Access
(Please see step-by-step instructions)
Student E-Mail Access Alternate Link

Troubleshooting Student Email

Copy and paste these directions into a Word Document and follow them carefully. Then, please close ALL browser windows, including this one.

Open your browser and go to www.nwosu.edu. Click E-Mail Access in the upper left corner. Scroll down and click Student E-Mail Access.

This should take you to a login page with Office 365 in the upper left corner.
If your email address is on the right side, click the X to the right of it to remove it.
Now you can retype your email address. It is important that you remove it and retype it.
Type your password. You should now be logged on.

Printable instructions for accessing email -- PDF

For questions regarding email access contact Dalton Moser at ddmoser@nwosu.edu or (580) 327-8611.

Employee E-Mail Access 
Use your full e-mail address and password