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Course Schedules

*Updated Course Schedules

Updated Fees and Costs for 2015-2016

NOTE: Key numbers are determined by location: A for Alva, E for Enid, W for Woodward, X for distance learning, Z for online courses.

*The online classes schedules are updated daily as courses are revised and updated.
For complete notations on course schedules, see the PDF links located below.

Printable versions of the schedules are listed below but do not contain updates.

Fall 2016 Schedule Cover

Summer 2016 Schedule Cover

Spring 2016 Schedule Cover

Fall 2016 PDF

Summer 2016 PDF

Spring 2016 PDF

Fall 2016 Online Courses

Summer 2016 Online Courses

Spring 2016 Online Courses

Course Schedule Archive

Online Exam Proctoring

Students enrolling in online courses are responsible for proctoring fees which may be associated with the online course exams.

Note: Northwestern students traveling to a Northwestern campus (Alva, Enid, or Woodward) for a proctored exam are not assessed a proctoring fee.

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