NWOSU Art Society

The NWOSU Art Society was chosen by Creative Oklahoma as a 2011 Great Inspiration State of Creativity Award Winner!  Congratulations to everyone associated with this group for all your work ... and CREATIVITY!

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Our mission is this:

The NWOSU Art Society was officially welcomed to Northwestern in the Fall of 2004. The purpose of NAS is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain an excellence in the field of art at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Our goal is to heighten awareness both on campus and in the community of the many cultural backgrounds and talents of the students, through which all will foster a synthesis of the appreciation, knowledge, and awareness or art in all styles and mediums.

Some of our goals are:

To promote creativity, have fun, try different mediums, expand our knowledge, make friends, and serve our community.

For any questions or more information, contact Angelia Case at (580) 327-8577.

NWOSU Art Society

"A University without the Arts has no soul." 
 -- Dr. Janet Cunningham.


Art Society members present Dr. Cunningham with an NAS shirt in appreciation for all her support.

NWOSU Art Society Photo Gallery

NWOSU Art Society Shutterfly Photo Gallery

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NAS Calendar

NWOSU Art Society
11th Annual Art Show

March 10-29, 2014

Get Your Artwork Ready! 


Deadline for entries extended until Friday, Feb. 28.
Please observe original deadline of Feb. 26 if possible.

Contact Info

Angelia Case, sponsor
580-327-8577 -- arcase@nwosu.edu
Fine Arts Building, Room 211