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Staff Council Members
Back row (from left): Erica Lane, Rachel Stephenson-Spellman, Tiffany George, Angelia Case. Front row (from left) Angie Henson, Judy Dollar, Rebekah Wagenbach, Katie Botts, Shawna Gilbert.

Spring 2015 Spring Semester Campus Kudos Winner

Melissa Turco and Rachel Stephenson-Spellman

Melissa Turco, Title III academic adviser at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, has been selected by the Staff Council as the recipient of the 2015 spring semester Campus Kudos Award.
“Melissa Turco is an outstanding member of the Northwestern family who is a pleasure to work with and has a positive attitude,” Rachel Stewart, special events coordinator and Staff Council chair, said. “We appreciate her positive outlook and encouraging personality.”

Campus Kudos is a public acknowledgement created by the Northwestern Staff Council that applauds the efforts of eligible staff members who have displayed an act of kindness above their job responsibilities. Staff Council solicits nominations from the university staff for this award and it is presented toward the end of each semester, including the summer term.

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Staff Council members


CHAIR:  Judy Dollar, (Alva) 327-8493 -- term 2015-17

SECRETARY: Angie Henson, (Alva) 327-8442 -- term 2014-16


TWO-YEAR MEMBERS: Term 2015-17

Angelia Case, (Alva) 327-8577

Tiffany George, (Alva) 327-8414

Shawna Gilbert, (Alva) 327-8574


ONE-YEAR MEMBERS: Term 2015-16

Erica Lane, (Alva) 327-8535

Rebekah Wagenbach, (Alva) 327-8410

Tatum Hansen, (Alva)  327-8605



Kristin Mravinec, 254-2503

ENID MEMBER: Term 2013-15

Katie Botts, 213-3101

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