Student Travel Request Form

The form below must be completed ten (10) days in advance in order for your request to be considered.

**Students requesting transportation after 8:00 PM may be asked to wait for the next morning for the safety of our drivers and passengers.**

Transportation requests on non-approved travel dates will require a fee to be paid in the business office BEFORE transportation arrangements are finalized.
WICHITA & OKLAHOMA CITY TRIPS: $90.00 USD one-way and $180.00 USD round-trip.
ENID TRIPS: $45.00 USD one-way and $90.00 USD round-trip.
ALVA TRIPS: Free-of-charge. Will likely be scheduled between the hours of 8AM and 5PM Monday - Friday, unless otherwise approved.

Student Information

Travel Needs

For students leaving Alva, please list the time your flight/bus departs from the airport/station. For students coming to Alva, please list the time your flight/bus arrives at the airport/station.

**This information is very important to ensure that our drivers do not leave any students at the airport/station who have arrived. Enter Bus information if you will be arriving to the bus station.

By selecting "I agree" , I acknowledge that this application does not guarantee that I will receive transportation. I understand that the International office will do its best to fulfill my request and notify me in an appropriate amount of time if unable to do so. Additionally, I understand that the departure time will be dependent on factors such as, but not limited to, the availability of a vehicle or driver and the other individuals who have requested transportation. Finally, I understand that I must pay any required fees prior to the final confirmation of my transportation request. IF YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR REQUEST, you agree to notify a minimum of four (4) hours before departure time. You must agree to these terms in order for your request to be fulfilled.


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