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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Northwestern offers CLEP tests in a number of subjects for students to acquire college credit. The Academic Success Center has brochures and information from CLEP about these tests.

CLEP provides a reliable and effective means for gaining credit, exemption, and placement.  The CLEP exams represent courses typical of the first two years of college study.  The specific exams for which Northwestern gives credit are listed at the bottom of this webpage.

Eligibility for CLEP:

  • CLEP tests must be taken before 70 credit hours are completed
  • CLEP credit cannot be obtained in a course for which the student has been enrolled for college credit
  • CLEP tests can only be taken once for credit at Northwestern

CLEP Credit at Northwestern:

  • In the event of a passing grade on a CLEP exam, the neutral grade of "S" and regular credit in the course are recorded on the student's record.
  • Credit from CLEP exams is to be validated by the completion of at least 12 hours credit at Northwestern.
  • CLEP exams for Northwestern are subject to the policy of the Advanced Standing Examination Program as stated in the Undergraduate Catalogue, Section V Advanced Standing. The catalogue is available at Undergraduate Catalog.

Printable CLEP Guide​

Northwestern is an open test center:

CLEP scores can be sent to other institutuions at the time of testing, but examinees should be aware that acceptance of these scores is subject to the policies of that institution, and it is the examinee's responsibility to check the policies before testing.  


CLEP exams are given on the Alva campus in the Academic Success Center, located in the Industrial Education Building, Room 113.

The Exam Process:

CLEP exams are given on the computer.  Most are 90-minute exams; the College Composition exam is 120 minutes.  Allow about 30 minutes more for registration and an on-line tutorial.

Cost & Payment:

Each CLEP exam costs $109.00 total, with $20.00 paid to Northwestern Oklahoma State University prior to testing, and $89.00 paid to CLEP during registration.


Students must register and pay for a CLEP exam through CLEP's My Account website.  During registration, students will do the following:

  • Choose an exam
  • Indicate where the scores will be sent
  • Pay for the exam

Students must register before taking a CLEP exam.  This can be done ahead of time or immediately before taking the exam. Registration tickets are good for six months.  Registration does not include scheduling; students must still schedule a time to test through the Academic Success Center.

To register, go to CLEP's website and click Register on the right sidebar.


To schedule a time to test, call the Academic Success Center at (580) 327-8149 or email Matthew Cherry at mlcherry@nwosu.edu.

Admission to the Exam:

On arrival at the Academic Success Center, students must present the following:

  • Receipt for $20.00 fee to Northwestern
  • Valid, government-issued ID with photo and signature
  • Registration ticket from CLEP.  This can be printed at the time of testing.

Results of the Exam:

Unofficial score reports are available immediately after the exam is completed, except for the College Composition exam.  This exam includes two essays, and scores are reported in 4 to 6 weeks.  Official scores for all exams will be sent to the student as well as the institution chosen during registration.

CLEP Exams

Northwestern gives credit for the CLEP exams listed below.  For more information on these exams, visit the CLEP website at http://clep.collegeboard.org/.

Exam Min. Score Semester Hour Credit
College Algebra 50 3
College Composition 50 3
Psychology 50 3
Calculus 50 5
Sociology 50 3
Government 50 3
History to 1877 50 3
History 1877-Present 50 3
Chemistry 50 5
Spanish 50 4
  51 - 62 5
  63 or more 12
Microeconomics 50 3
Macroeconomics 50 3
Accounting 50 3
Intro. To Bus. Law 50 3
Management 50 3
Marketing 50 3


     NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice.

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