Work Study/E&G Jobs

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Work-Study/E&G Jobs

At this time there are a limited number of Work-Study or E&G jobs available.  If there is a particular area or department you are interested in working in, I would suggest you fill out the Student Worker Job Application and take it to that area or department but that does not guarantee you a job.

If you have specific questions regarding your Work-Study or E&G award, please contact the Financial Aid office at (580) 327-8540.

We are currently updating our list for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year as well as summer of 2014. Please check back for updates.

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training office has student worker positions open that will work closely with the Athletic Training staff and football team during the fall and spring. The Hours will be in the afternoons from 2-5:30 and on game days. Our office can only accept Federal Work-Study. For more information please contact Steve Ciolino, 580-327-8627,

Business Office

The Business Office is currently looking for a Work Study position for the upcoming fall 2014 semester. The position requires knowlege of Microsoft Word and Excel. The position will require filing paper work as well as inventory. Students who are business majors are preferred. The possible work hours are up to 15 hours a week. If interested or for more information please contact Chris Lauderdale, Herod Hall Second Floor, 580-327-8529,

Distance Learning

Blackboard Helpdesk Assistant

The Distance Learning office is looking for a Blackboard Helpdesk Assistant. The Blackboard Helpdesk Assistant works extended-hours to assist faculty, staff and students with issues pertaining to Blackboard use. A high school diploma required or G.E.D. equivalent. This position requires strong understanding of computer hardware and software. Good communication skills, both verbal and written are important. Fluency in speaking and understanding the English language is a must.

The position includes the following essential functions:

- Identify and resolve helpdesk telephone problems, answer the helpdesk telephone

- Monitor the helpdesk email and respond to incoming messages

- Inform Online Learning Coordinator of any unresolved Blackboard issues

- Fill out daily reports and a log of all calls received and resulting outcomes

 - Perform other duties as assigned by the Online Learning Coordinator

For more information or if interested please contact Jake Boedecker, Coordinator of Distance Education, Industrial Education 127,


The Education department has four openings for the fall 2014 semester. These positions are all Workstudy positions. The position is within the America Reads Program. The essential functions include: working in a public school system as a tutor and teacher's aide, the student must be dependable and have good communication skills and maintain confidentiality.

If interested or for more information please contact Melissa Brown, EC 205, 580-327-8436,

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports office is looking for Intramural Officials for the upcoming fall 2014 semester. Students must be eligible to receive Work Study. If interested or for more information please contact Chris Lauderdale, 580-327-8529,

Northwestern News

The Northwestern News is currently looking for two positions for the fall 2014 semester. They are looking for an Advertising Manager/Ad Salesperson as well as a Circulation Manager. Those positions will require anywhere from five to ten hours per week. They are also looking for reporters as well.

If interested or for more information contact Tom Pantera, Jesse Dunn 232, 580-327-8481,


The Nursing department is looking for a Work Study/E&G student worker to assist the Secretary of the Division of Nursing with clerical activities in a timely, accurate and efficient manner for the Fall 2014 semester and Spring 2015 semester.

The student must be enrolled as a student at Northwestern and must meet the requirements for student worker through the Financial Aid office. The student must have a good academic standing, demonstrate a postive attitude, adaptability, dependability,  have good organization and communication skills and tactfulness.

The job duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Typing - Accurate, efficient, proofreads assignments - must be familiar with operation of computer/word  processor.

Computer - Competence in use of Windows/Microsoft Office

Copier - Understands functions of copy machine (collate, enlarge/reduce, replace paper and toner, etc.)

Telephone - Maintains telephone courtesy, takes accurate messages, understands function/codes of telephone (transfer, re-connect, pick-up, answering machine)

Public Relations - Courteous, helpful, cheerful, somewhat knowledgeable with nursing program and university

Other Duties:

- Filing/Shredding and other duties as deemed appropriate

- Provides home phone number and address to Nursing Office

- Provides work schedule and is responsible in notifying Nursing Office when unable to work

- Maintains confidentiality of student/faculty records, course exams

- Assists nursing faculty with assignments as necessary

- Monitors UPS packages and mail for nursing faculty as deemed necessary

- Accurately records time worked on time sheet

- Responsible in obtaining proper signatures and turning in time sheet

If interested or for more information please contact Judy Dollar, Carter Hall, 580-327-8493 or

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine office has both E&G and Workstudy positions available for the fall semester. The position requires helping set up and break down for football practices and games. There is a possibility to travel with team to away games. This position can be extended into winter and spring. The job will typically run weekdays 2:30-5:30 and some weekends for games. For more information please contact Steve Ciolino, 580-327-8627,  

Student Services

The Student Services office is potentially looking for student workers to help with ADA services for the 2014-2015 school year. The job could entail helping students with note taking, helping students across campus, reading books to students, etc. For more information please contact Janessa Ruback, Fine Arts 126, 580-327-8414. You can also contact Caleb Mosburg, or 580-327-8415.