Work Study/E&G Jobs

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Work-Study/E&G Jobs

At this time there are a limited number of Work-Study or E&G jobs available.  If there is a particular area or department you are interested in working in, I would suggest you fill out the Student Worker Job Application and take it to that area or department but that does not guarantee you a job.

If you have specific questions regarding your Work-Study or E&G award, please contact the Financial Aid office at (580) 327-8540.

We continuously update this list. Please check back for updates.

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training office has student worker positions open that will work closely with the Athletic Training staff and football team during the fall and spring. The Hours will be in the afternoons from 2-5:30 and on game days. Our office can only accept E&G applicants. For more information please contact Steve Ciolino, 580-327-8627,

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine office has Workstudy positions available for the fall semester. The position requires helping set up and break down for football practices and games. There is a possibility to travel with team to away games. This position can be extended into winter and spring. The job will typically run weekdays 2:30-5:30 and some weekends for games. For more information please contact Steve Ciolino, 580-327-8627,