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Why NWOSU? Find out several reasons below from current NWOSU students!

"I chose to come to Northwestern because it is one of the cheap and affordable schools out of the four schools I applied to in the United States. I also chose NWOSU because while I was applying to schools, Northwestern was the only school that frequently responded to my emails and always check to find out my progress in my application, if I was still interested in coming and so on. 

After spending more than a year at Northwestern, I have realized that its location is one of the safest places to be in America.  NWOSU is located in one of the states that are not prone to severe natural disasters, like tornadoes. Northwestern always put students of all race and ethnics into consideration; the school cares for the well-being of all students. International students most especially create a bond. The school provides different means of making every student connect and look out for each other. We have different cultural events that give students the opportunity to teach everyone about their culture. There is always a place for each and every student here at Northwestern."

-Precious Okeke, Nigeria, Accounting Major

"I found the college affordable compare to other states. And NWOSU had a good nursing program so I choose the NWOSU."

-Pawana Itani, Nepal, Nursing Major

“I chose to study at Northwestern Oklahoma State University over all the five schools I applied to because it was the most affordable of all the schools and the cost of attendance is within my family’s budget. I am an international student who transferred to NWOSU after one semester because of the affordability and scholarships available for each student every semester. Apart from NWOSU being one of the most affordable schools in Oklahoma, it is also located in a safe, quiet, natural disaster free, less distractive and very FRIENDLY environment which is conducive for international students who are leaving their family to be alone in a different country. NWOSU is also a small school with a relatively small class size of student to faculty ratio 25:1 and the population percentage of male is 44% and female 56%. This small class size provides and encourages a concrete relationship and one-on-one interaction between students and their professors and this will contribute to a student’s academic success. NWOSU also have a lot of great and interesting things to do outside the four walls of the classroom every week; Office of the international students alongside the Student Government Association (SGA) organizes lots of events that brings both domestic and international students together as one family creating familiarities and even longtime friendship between the students.”

As a Nursing major, getting a degree here at NWOSU is the best opportunity I will ever have because the nursing program here was ranked in the top 20 National Nursing program by collegatlas.org based on the academic quality, persistence in success and affordability, this is giving me the opportunity to achieve my dream as a Nurse at an affordable fee and in a convenient environment. NWOSU also takes their nursing students to different facilities in Oklahoma for clinical skills which is very important because students are given the opportunity to learn from different professionals in the facilities, interact with different patients and also know how to be comfortable when they start their job after college.

In conclusion, I would say NWOSU is the best place to be for any international student coming to the US for his/her first time."

-Oluwatoyosi Kaffi, Nigeria, Nursing Major

"I love the fact that Northwestern is a small university, and Alva is not a big town. I found that the college is affordable compared to other states. Northwestern obviously has very good academics, and actually has the majors that I'm interested in. That's a big plus for me.  The student environment is just powerful and awesome. All the classes are small, and you get a chance to interact a lot. Being a part of Northwestern to me is being more than a student, it’s like belonging to a greater community. There’s so much to do like join various clubs, meet new people, hang out with my friends, and learn something new. There is always something going on, so boredom never hits. I can always attend basketball, volleyball, and football games. I Love cheering on my Rangers! I also really enjoy s’mores night, bubble soccer, and different events.  The people in Alva are just amazing, friendly and they have their own small town charm. I have met so many people in my life that can do just about anything to help you out. Everywhere you go you experience love. I am forever thankful for everything that Northwestern has done for me!"

-Biraj Aryal, Nepal, Computer Science Major

"The reason I chose this university was because of their personalized learning environment and most importantly it's affordable. The international student advisor was very welcoming. It's a small school so the international students get the homely environment. Moreover, it's located in a small town which helps me to focus mainly on my studies as there is no distractions."

-Kriti Pahari, Nepal, Computer Science Major