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Supporting References

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Select publications on whiteboarding effectiveness

(from Arizona State University's modeling site thank you Jane Jackson)

Other references (thank you Paul Camp) 

  • Barrows, H.S. (1996). Problem-based learning in medicine and beyond: A brief overview. In Wilkerson, L & Gijselaers, W.H. (eds). New directions for teaching and learning, no.68. Bringing problem-based learning to higher education: Theory and practice, 3-13. San Francisco: Jossey -Bass
  • Principles and Practice of aPBL Howard S. Barrows and Wee Keng Neo
  • Hmelo, C.E. & Evensen, D.H. (2000). Problem-based learning: Gaining insights on learning interactions through multiple methods of inquiry.
  • In Evenson, D.H. & Hmelo, C.E. (eds). Problem-Based Learning: A Research perspective on learning interactions, 1-18.
  • Problem-Based Learning: How to Gain the Most from PBL by Donald Woods McMaster University (1994) ISBN - 9780666239617
  • Research based and an indepth publication on the implications for curriculum; using whiteboards is a component of activity the authors have students engaged in.


Listserv Compilations (Helpful discussions from the ASU modeling listserv)


Ask students to create questions they would expect to see on your next exam.  You will be surprised . . .  Above is a sample wave behavior question.