What Can I Do With an English Degree?

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What Can I Do With an English Degree?

Find jobs in business, industry, media, publishing and government. The English major prepares students for jobs in all professions where the ability to communicate effectively, read closely and critically and think and solve problems is valued and rewarded—that is, virtually all professions.

Be a lawyer. Our courses emphasize critical thinking, research, and communication. The profession of the law requires those abilities, particularly in logical and rhetorical thinking. That’s what English courses teach students to do!

Be a Doctor or Dentist. Did you know that medical and dental Schools welcome students with bachelor’s degrees in English?

Go to Graduate School. We encourage students to go on to graduate school so that they can get the degrees required for college and university teaching positions.

Be a creative writer. Our creative writing course prepares students to write poetry, fiction, and scripts for dramatic production. 

Teach. We offer a teacher education degree program, leading to certification to teach in Oklahoma.