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Who We Are

The Wesley Foundation, the United Methodist Student Center, was started at the NWOSU campus in the early 1950s. It is located in a house, hence the name Wesley House. This ministry is open 24/7 so that students have a safe place to go when they need a friend. The Wesley House offers a close-knit family-like atmosphere. We encourage all students to join us as everyone is welcome. Our hearts, our minds and our doors are always open.

Our building consists of a living room with lots of couches, a TV, VCR, DVD player and stereo, a computer room, as well as a nice kitchen and meeting area. Located throughout the house are games such as foos ball, pool table and board games. 

Tenets of Faith

United Methodism demonstrates its roots by allowing every person to experience the love of God in a way that is personal, convincing and transforming to them.

The main belief for United Methodists is grace. “Grace for all and grace in all” was one of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism’s most descriptive phrases.

Grace is the gift that God gives to each of us. First there is “prevenient grace” which may precede any direct consciousness of God. Before we even know God exists, he is working in our life. Next comes “justifying grace”. This the first awakening to one’s salvation, the life-changing experience that sets us on the road back to God. “Sanctifying grace” is what sets United Methodists apart from many other denominations. Sanctifying grace is the continuing presence of God’s work in our lives after our conversion. We grow in our commitment to serve God even as we take on new challenges in Christian service. What we have experienced in our hearts springs forth in the work of our hands and hopefully shows for all to see that we really have been changed by our experience with Christ.


Sanctifying grace, that is, showing the world by our actions that we believe in being servants just as Jesus was a servant, is a large part of what the Wesley House does.

Annual mission projects include:

Adopt a Highway - The Wesley House is responsible for a 2-mile stretch of highway West of Alva. At least once a year we pick up trash. It’s always interesting to see who can find the most unusual item.

Kairos is prison ministry. The way the Wesley House is involved is by making “agape” or gifts for the prisoners as they go through an intense 72-hour short course in Christianity. We make several dozen cookies for the prisoners which only makes a dent in the 5000 dozen that they need for a weekend. Placemats for their meals have also come from our group.

Just before the hectic time of finals, we go shopping for a family less fortunate than ourselves. The students raise the money for the gifts, shop and wrap the gifts. Everyone enjoys being able to give to others at Christmas.

Other mission projects are organized as the need arises.

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Contact Us:
Location: 1027 8th St, Alva, OK
Phone: 580 327-2046
E-mail: wesleyhousenwosu@sbcglobal.net

Director: Deb Corr
cell 580 430-5239, home phone 580 327-4864,
alternate phone 580 327-0361,
E-mail: deb_wesleyhouse@yahoo.com  

Resident: Delta Farmer

Office assistant: Shawna Gilbert

Our regular weekly activities include:

Monday - 5 p.m. Dinner & a Devo. A student-led meal and devotion time. Students sign up to cook or give a devotion.

Tuesday- 8p.m Bible study for everyone

Wednesday- 8 p.m Women's Bible Study

Thursday- 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Lunch furnished by area United Methodist churches.

Everyone is welcome at each of these activities.

While these are the regularly scheduled activities, there is usually something going on, whether movie night, foos ball, carving pumpkins, etc.

The Mission of the Wesley House at NWOSU

The Wesley Foundation of Northwestern Oklahoma State University seeks to present and be a demonstration of the reality of Jesus Christ to the students, faculty, and staff of NWOSU, inviting and encouraging these persons to become participants in an inclusive, dynamic Christian community, experiencing the redemptive love and freedom Christ offers in personal and corporate faith and discipleship.